Stop and Shop Circular (12/10/21 – 12/16/21) Weekly Flyer Preview

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Stop and Shop Circular (12/3/21 - 12/9/21)

Stop and Shop Circular

View the full ✳️ Stop and Shop Circular for this week and the Stop and Shop Flyer for next week! Flip through all of the pages of the Stop and Shop weekly ad. Thanks to How to Shop for Free for the pictures!

Plan your shopping trip ahead of time and get your coupons ready for the early ✳️ Stop & Shop Weekly Circular!

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  1. Why yall upload those old black friday ads Got me excited for nothing

    Me at the front door is why they have the word doorbuster

    • The black friday ads are still there from last year…we, (along with many others who post the black friday ads) get ready for the new year by updating all the old posts and getting ready for the busy time! The new ads will be popping up very soon…it’s almost that time 🙂

    • Sorry – we got it a little later than normal this week! Hopefully next week we can get it up earlier!

  2. I appreciate the special hours for seniors to shop during this virus outbreak.
    Please consider those with medical conditions under 60 who are at risk. My 42 year old daughter has multiple sclerosis which compromuses her immune system. She works from home. Is it possible for a younger shoppers to show a medication prescription label in order to shield them from unne essary harm.
    Thank you!

  3. They must have mistakenly attached this weeks circular again. I need next weeks starting 3/5/21. I did not receive it in the mail for some reason. Thanks

    • 3/5 is there now (be sure to click on the dates near the top of the post since the current one will be showing unless you click on the 3/5 preview)!

  4. If you know your gonna be around a Sbarro if you sign up for Sbarro email they give you a coupon for a free slice if you buy a drink get a little free lunch


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