Target Weekly Ad (12/12/21 – 12/18/21) Preview!

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Target Ad Preview

Target Weekly Ad

New ✳️ Target Weekly Ad!!

If you’re a Target shopper, check here weekly to view the current Target weekly ad or to preview some upcoming Target sales with the ✳️ Target ad preview. Shop Target Online. View the weekly ads at Target below!

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  1. This adv does not list your food items. I am looking for COKES AND PESPI PRODUCTS. KROGER HAS THEM ALL AT NORMAL RETAIL PRICES $ 5.69 per
    Twelve pack. Thank you I hope that you are able to exploit this!!!!!
    John J Casey HERNANDO.

    • Hey John, maybe you didn’t go through the whole ad.. but on page 23 it literally says in the top left hand corner, save 40% on all coke products…. uh duh.

  2. On Macy’s website they have the tall ugg boot in red blue or green for $59 then it comes with free shipping if you wear a size 10 there’s a pair of blue and a pair of pink short boots

    Also on the coach outlet site they have coach Benni ballet flats for $69 and this adorable coach sandal called emilie for the same price

  3. Today at bell Jessica Simpson clothes are on sale I wear her clothes but no money a lot of the jeans are $30 they have some $15 tops but not many sizes

  4. If I had a extra $120 I would definitely be getting myself a pair of ugg classic toggle femme wedge boots off Nordstrom website but I don’t

  5. If you can afford $100 bag Nordstrom rack and haute look have 50% off Marc Jacobs and I saw this quilted nylon tote and quilted nylon backpack both for $100

  6. Always shopping for camo on guess Outlet website found 3 tees Mattie metallic tee, Freddie ringer tee and now mesh logo tee plus they have jeans for $37

  7. There’s this Pittsburgh based ski wear store called Willi’s their closing all locations so if you have a kid that likes to ski or needs snow gear they probably have some good sales

  8. Best Buy has a bonus deal of the day one of those balancing scooters it’s like an electronic skateboard it’s on sale for $99 from $179

  9. Bestbuy Samsung tablets $99 starting today I’ll let you guys get a head start then at noon I’ll make my announcement to the public

    Yesterday I had to do a return at kohl’s half kohl’s gift card half visa gift card and the cashier was trying to tell me if I was using a visa gift card I would have to get store credit I just told her it wasn’t but it was but I know she’s lying because you can do a return on a visa gift card she was just trying to keep the money in store remember I told you about that waitress at Olive Garden trying to keep my gift card balance as her tip only way I knew b/c I checked balance before left restaurant BE CAREFUL these stores are getting aggressively greedy

  10. If you can’t afford uggs in a boujee persons eyes it would be illegal to wear kollumbura but a good alternative is this juicy couture women’s koded winter boot

  11. Macys

    Kate spade quilted coat $98
    White mark floral bomber jacket $33
    Charter club corduroy jacket $33 (I don’t like denim jacket with denim jeans has to another material like cordoroy)
    Tommy Hilfiger sport quiz r bomber jacket $49
    Tommy Hilfiger sport logo vest $49
    Tommy Hilfiger color block puffer vest $49
    Tommy Hilfiger shearling logo jacket $79
    Dkny half zip puffer vest $59
    Karen Scott solid puffer vest $14
    Hot pink charter club puffer vest puffer

    I gotta go jeopardy is on but that white mark floral bomber would be cute in the fall with a pair of dark jeans or in the Summer with a pair of white jeans

  12. Seeing how macys is trying to compete with Victoria’s semi annual sale maybe other stores are doing the same if shopping for pajamas then I see you can buy the pants and top separately but the top is like $17 i mightjust get a matching long sleeve from old navy for $8

  13. Erin andrews got on that true religion site & bought up all the jeans she thought was my size but little does she know I don’t even know my own size so I looked around o macys site and found Tommy Hilfiger v necks are 2 for $40 and I also saw this inc keyhole surplice halter for $30 a inc puff sleeve top for $15 there were lots of pages I went thru about 10

  14. Seriously I can’t shop anymore because soon as I see something super cheap I feel the need to buy it on Macy’s website they have some women’s true religion shirts on last act for $17 but their all a size small but I’m seriously done shopping

  15. I was looking at kohl’s they have the36 piece Rubbermaid flex and seal for $18 if you use the promo I saw in the Black Friday ad it was the 28 piece for $18

  16. I went on Macy’s website put the filter on for boots and sneakers seeing what would be cute for young girls here’s what I found

    1) guess women’s tetian faux fur boot 55

    2) Tommy Hilfiger women’s Tamar rain boot 53

    3) dkny Sophie sneaker $83

    4) Jessica Simpson brixel lace up lug sole wedge bootie $64

    5) Tommy Hilfiger bunny looney tunes sneaker 53

    6) juicy women’s connect lace up sneaker 30

    7) Tommy Hilfiger lireai sneaker 40

    8) juicy couture choppy sneaker I forgot price

    But if you go on Macy’s type in the search bar women’s juicy shoes it’s only 2 pages & there’s some other sneakers

  17. I was looking at the tommy shoes there’s also a tweety bird sneaker if you want to put in Tommy Hilfiger women’s shoes there’s lots of sneakers especially if your child is wearing a tommy sweatshirt it’s only 2 pages

  18. Walmart has a set of the Rubbermaid green lid easy find lids it’s 18 pieces for $19 and it’s all the bigger sizes


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