Kroger Weekly (5/12/21 – 5/18/21) Early Ad Preview

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Kroger Ad Preview

Kroger Weekly Ad

See the ✳️ Kroger Weekly ad here! Both the Kroger sales ad this week and the Kroger weekly ad preview for next week (when available) are both posted here! Pictures brought to you by Kroger Krazy and Marquisa!

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  1. hi i was trying to see the super early ad for the week beginning 09/19. I can’t seem to find it. do you not have the early ad?

    • Thanks Lady Savings 👍💜 for your hard work in continuing posting preview Ads. You keep my Shopping trip Fabulous and Jazzy. Blessings 🎉 Sincerely Ashley

      • Hey. I always look at this ad but this is not the one we get here where we live. We live in Sherman texaz

        • not all ads are the same. They will vary based on location. Depending on where the poster is from your ad may vary slightly. 🙂

    • Sorry it was a little late this week! Hopefully next week we will have it early in the morning 🙂

    • It’s up now 🙂 Sorry that it was a little late this week! Hopefully next Saturday morning the new ad will be posted on time! We didn’t receive it until a little later.

  2. Pittsburgh shop & save
    Nivea lotion $6.74 (skin firming $8.67) nivea $1 off
    Dellalo pasta 2/$3
    Dellalo sauce 2/$5
    Dellalo parmesan cheese $3.49
    -dellalo coupon on website
    CHICHIS 2/$5 $1 off
    4c iced tea $4.99
    Lysol toilet bowl cleaner $3.99
    Clorox toilet bowl cleaner $2.49
    Keebler cookies 5/$10
    Kelloggs cereal 2/$6 Savingstar rebate for apple jacks
    Hostess boxes 2/$5

    • The ads will sometimes come from different regions but we often have the ads from the Great Lakes region. Milk will definitely vary by region..some regions get awesome deals while other regions will not.

    • We post the ad as soon as we can get it – usually it’s Saturday morning before the sale (but sometimes as early as Friday).

  3. Your Kroger ad is not like our ad in Lawrenceburg Tn. for example ham 87cent a lb. our is $1.49. There is quite a few things different

    • Dairy and meat prices will vary depending on the regions. Most of the other items should be the same (or similar in price) but always check your local ad before shopping.

  4. I recently discovered your website and it’s a godsend. You help me prepare my shopping list and future store purchases, sometimes even weeks in advance. Thanks for the great job.

    • It’s up now 🙂 Sorry it’s a little late this week! Usually we can get it Saturday morning but not always. The latest would be Sunday morning (usually).

  5. Thanks again for your hard work, you’re much appreciated. You save me a lot of time and effort each week preparing for my shopping trips, even weeks in advance. Thank again.

    • Although the ad will vary depending on which one we get first, most of the time the Kroger ad is for the “Great Lakes Regions” (Ohio, WV, etc.). Prices can vary by region but the sale items are often the same.

    • We will post the next Kroger preview as soon as possible (it’s a little late this week)! Hopefully we get it soon!

  6. I don’t seem to be able to see the 8/28-9/03 ad. I can see the first page,but when I go to the next page it goes to the current ad. Thank you for sharing the ads.

  7. There might be an issue with the ad, every time I click to change page it goes back to last week’s ad?

    • We get the preview up as soon as we can! We used to get the ad earlier in the day (hopefully we are able to start getting it early again)!

  8. Now that Kroger has discontinued the Organic free range chicken, I am no longer a customer.. customers liked having something organic to choose, opposed the conventional crud..I went to Krogers today to buy groceries like I have for the past 2 years, and found out they no longer carry the organic whole chickens I bought two every week, and was told Kroger discontinued them, and no they wont even order them for me.. they lost a customer,, a good customer at that..if you want to know how to lose a customer just discontinue what the customer wants

    • As soon as we can get it, it will be up! Sorry that it’s later than normal this week. The ad starts a day later than normal (due to “New Years”)…the ad after this should be back to normal hopefully 🙂

  9. I have not been able to pull up the kroger website for the digital coupons in the last week or so. Can you fix this?

  10. Your preview for the early ad is horrible. It’s been saying since yesterday that it was available and it’s still not available

  11. I was looking at the daily deal at guess factory they have a ton of jeans for $39.99 some really cute t shirts for $16.99 these Gina flats for $22 are cute this Theres this pink jacket Was $41.99 and a hoodie for $26 I forgot the name of it What I would do is get a lot of different color long sleeve shirts and when winter cane wear the long sleeve shirt underneath the shirt sleeve shirt matching the colors

  12. Then in Macy’s website big girls Levi’s are $20 then for women most are $49 but they have some at $39 and a couple at $35

  13. I found some cute skirt & tight combos on Macy’s

    Numero camo print utility skirt with black tights and black or camel colored boots black

    Tommy Hilfiger plaid denim skirt with navy tights

    Riley & ray glen plaid skirt with navy stocks

    Turtle necks always look the best with skirt tight combos and I doubt any Christmas parties but planet gold Santa sweater skirt with a pair of black tights and a black turtle neck would be so cute

  14. You could have a great Disney sleepover thanks to jccpenny

    First get the princess tent for $36 then everyone can be their own character

    All the Disney princess tiaras are on sale $7.80

    Princess jasmine shoes $12 Princess jasmine barbie 7.50 princess jasmine toddler doll $12 and this singing princess jasmine called singing Aladdin

    Milan costume $24 Milan sword $14.40 Milan doll $13, Milan figurine playlet $9

    Rapunzel shoes $12 Rapuzel headband $7.8 rapunzel doll $7.50

    Aurora shoes $12 Aurora classic doll $7.50

    Cinderella doll $12 and $7.50 Cinderella tea cart $17.50

    Ariel shoes $12 Ariel doll $7.50 little mermaid action doll $14.50 Ariel royal vanity $17.50

    Elsa shoes $12 Elsa wig $12 Elsa and horse $24

    Frozen Anna costume $33 singing Anna doll $14.40 and Anna Barbie $7.50 Anna travel doll $17 Frozen beauty styling head Anna doll w/ build able ? (I didn’t catch the whole name)

    Frozen 2 queen idea lullaby $30

    Belle small doll $7.50 big belle doll $25 Belle royal kitchen $17.50

    So all the girls can dress up as their fav Disney princess and play with the dolls

    I don’t know about boy playing with dolls

    Buzz light year costume $24 Buzzz light year action figure $9

    Toy story woody costume $24 their was a action toy for $12.50 for both woody and buzz light year

    Black panther costum3e $30 there’s a action figure for this 1 too

    For young kids put them in the bath w/ Toy story, Disney princess, ariel, or Minnie Mouse bath toys for $12 take your laptop in the bathroom and watch them play while doing work

    If you have a kid that likes train this Mickey Mouse train conductor costume would be everything to them

    Then these Melissa and Doug role playing costumes so cute this waitress set for girls they can wear and set the table while you cook there’s also a really cute pirate set but I don’t condone toys that involve kids running around fighting each other

    Then this Disney princess comfy car for $40 and a princess squad tiana and princess squad Ariel both $10

    Then the best toys are the ones that keep your kid busy so this discovery kids art projector for $18 and discovery kids marble run

    These r all from penny’s type in comfy squad see what all comes in or mellissa and Doug and see the whole collection I just pulled all the things I like they have those nerf toys but the minute they start running around there’s no such thing as nap time

    Tell ppl give jc penny’s some business

  15. I would definitely wear a Ed hardy shirt I found some men’s on J.C. Penney website for $11 I’m looking for some women’s and macys has them for $30but imma look around to see if I can find them somewhere cheaper


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