Albertsons Weekly Ad (6/29/22 – 7/5/22) Early Preview

Albertsons Weekly Ad (6/29/22 - 7/5/22)

Albertsons Weekly Ad

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  1. In the an October issue of the Big Book of Savings there was a recipe for Apple Caramel Cake. I made one and shared it with some other folks who really enjoyed it and wanted the recipe. Unfortunately, I no longer can find that booklet and recipe. Is there anyway to get a copy of the recipe?

    Thank you.

    • I’ve looked around and tried to find the Apple Caramel Cake from their last book of savings but did not have any luck 🙁 Albertsons does have a place on their site where you can search by recipe (hopefully these are the same recipes they put in their ads). I looked but didn’t find “Apple Caramel Cake” but maybe they call it something a little different. – Tammy


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