Publix Weekly Ad (11/25/22 – 11/29/22) Early Preview

Publix Weekly Ad (11/25/22 – 11/29/22) Early Preview

Publix Weekly Ad Preview

View the full ✳️ Publix Weekly Ad for this week and the Publix Ad preview for next week! Flip through all of the pages of the Publix weekly ad circular.

The new ad starts on either Wednesday or Thursday depending on your store and runs for 1 week (double check your store to see which schedule they use). Plan your shopping trip ahead of time and get your coupons ready for the early ✳️ Publix weekly ad preview including some Publix weekly ad bogo sales!

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  1. Thanks for the peeks at the next weeks’ Publix ads, but for two weeks in the last month your version of the flyer claimed Publix brand soft drinks in 12 ct two for $5. Each time this wasn’t offered when the store releases their flyer.

    • Hi Jim. It’s possible that the pop was for a different region. Deals on dairy, meat, and soda seem to vary by region so be sure to always check your local ad before shopping to see the local prices.

  2. Please tell me why Publix can’t get PURE JOY BREAD in the store all the time. Why only cinnamon?

  3. Why can’t Publix offer on their bogos that you can get 1 at half price. Publix in Georgia, Alabama and S.Carolina allow you to buy only 1 at helf the price?????? Sometimes you just don’t need 2 of something.

    • if you live in Florida, there are stupid laws in Florida that forbid double and triple coupons and allowing customers getting just 1 item at half price when the item is Bogo. It is not the store’s policy, they are following stupid state laws.

  4. Publix needs to stock the Entenmann’s black and white cookies. They are a family favorite and I can NEVER find them. I have called all the Atlanta area stores. But no luck.

  5. Loved Chicago Italian Bread. Lately it is very dense ,not light and airy. Has the recipe or ingredients changed ?

  6. Loved Chicago Italian Bread. lately it has been dense and not light and airy. Has the recipe changed or ingredients changed

  7. Today at Macy’s everything Levi is 40% off I never wear a jean jacket with jeans but I they r perfect to wear over sweats or dress down a black pair of slacks I went to specifically mention the Levi’s hooded raincoat in the juniors dept b/c they have a blue color that matches the Dillard’s blue short ugg sienna Boots

  8. We are surrounded by Publix stores and while they are a class act, I just don’t understand their high prices. Unlike up north where you have 3 or 4 good options with lots of sale items and coupon availability, there really is not much competition for them, perhaps an occasional run down Winn-Dixie or a dirty and disorganized Walmart. Even the sale items can be found cheaper at BJ’s and COSTCO let alone the comparisons between the normal prices. Here is a recent example, Chicken thighs at BJ’s normal price of $.99 while the price at Publix is $1.99, while Ground Beef is normally $2.00 less per pound. A half gallon of milk is $.75 cheaper at BJ’s, Costco and Walmart and the list goes on and on. I wish Publix could help their shoppers.

    • Publix has raised the prices 2.00 on most items I onlybuy sale items now, they are consistently out of almost everything they advertise and their fruits and vegetables are rotting still sitting on the shelves I had to take 5 cartons of blackberries back because of mold

  9. Every time they run an ad on the pure leaf extra sweet tea you guys don’t carry it enough or you just don’t get the Pepsi company to bring in enough you should not of sales to people that you know that you don’t have in stock that is not nice

  10. Publix in Buford Georgia’s sales starts on Wednesday each week. We stopped going on Wednesday because they never have many of the items they advertise on special or Bogo.
    Also, Florida has the best lemon pie with no meringue, just crumbles like dutch apple pie.
    Why can’t the Georgia stores carry it. Too much apple pie, never enough peach. Come on guys, this is Georgia! The Peach State. You should carry peach cobbler, peach muffins, etc.
    Bring back pecan muffins in more quantity.
    We love Publix! Just listen to you customers a little more.


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