Giant Eagle Weekly Ad (11/24/22 – 11/30/22) Early Preview

Giant Eagle Weekly (11/24/22 - 11/30/22)

Giant Eagle Weekly Ad

Here are the Giant Eagle Ad and the Giant Eagle ad preview!

Flip through all of the pages of the ✳️ Giant Eagle weekly ad preview! Dairy, pop, and meat prices can vary so be sure to double-check your local Giant Eagle ad before shopping. Thanks to Jessica for the super early preview!

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  1. we rely heavily on the giant eagle ad previews weekly. Sometimes they are posted as early as Saturday and a week like this, still not posted as of Monday PM. Why the disparity?

    • Hi Larry! There are a handful of readers that sometimes get it early and pass it along to me. Nobody messaged me this week with it so I was unable to post it early 🙁 Hopefully next week someone will get it early!

  2. I just wanted to say that I come here every week for the Giant eagle coupon matchups… I’ve missed them the last few weeks. You have the best site for them

  3. is giant eagle having this year you spend so much you get a free turkey like all the other years

    • It’s coming soon – we got the post ready for the morning! We didn’t get it early fro anyone this week so will have it posted a little after midnight (or first thing in the morning). – Tammy

    • I’m not doing the full matchup any longer. I started doing top 10 deals, however, I haven’t done them in a few weeks (due to 2 different circumstances). With Giant Eagle no longer doubling coupons (starting 3/1/20), it seems like many in the Giant Eagle couponers group are no longer going to shop/coupon at Giant Eagle so I’m not sure how many will be wanting to see coupon deals for Giant Eagle in the future 🙁 .

  4. Are you gonna stop doing the top deals for giant eagle and start doing mostly amazon deals? If so do u have a sister web site I can go to for the Giant Eagle deals?

    • Hi Reti – I’m not 100% sure about the Giant Eagle deals yet. I haven’t posted the top 10 in a few weeks (although I had a bunch of single deals posted last week). I don’t know how many will be couponing at Giant Eagle after 3/1 since they will no longer be doubling coupons. If the deals end up being awesome without the double coupons (GE would have to put out some great prices)….I may post the deals if there is a lot of interest 🙂 We have another site (Hot Coupon World), however the Giant Eagle deals would get posted here on Lady Savings.

  5. Thanks for your reply, your right about Giant Eagle after 3/1. I may no longer shop there alot. I may start Walmart and Dollar General since they r the closest to me.

  6. Really miss coming here to find the Giant Eagle deals. I don’t shop amazon for grocery items alot. I work at a retail store and with my discount I get things there cheaper than amazon.

    • I can understand that! I miss doing Giant Eagle deals…there just aren’t as many readers wanting to see the Giant Eagle deals any longer (it’s slowly been going down over time). Things could change and I could start posting them again (if enough readers were wanting to see them).

  7. what time can I order on the new ads on Thursdays for curbside pick up? It’s 12:10 am now, I was hoping that I could tonight from the 6/23 specials.

    • I think you can order at any time and you will get the prices that are current at the time you pick-up your order. So if you order on a Wednesday and pick-up on a Thursday, you will get the prices that started Thursday morning.

  8. I have a Home Depot gift card so everyday I look at their daily deal and today they have vacuums for sale


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