Winn Dixie Ad (9/20/23 – 9/26/23) Early Preview

Winn Dixie Weekly Ad

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Reader Comments:

  1. I have done everything I can think of to get the weekly W-D ads mailed to me like all of the other stores do. I’ve talked with the manager of the store nearest me (who apparently really tried) and with a friend of ours who works for the printing company that handles the local W-D account. Absolutely nothing. Since we’re geezers and barely computer literate we miss a lot of sales. Would very much appreciate any help/suggestions you may have. Thanks,

    • I also have some nearby stores and do not receive their flyers in the mail. Sometimes stores will have their flyers in the newspaper a few days before the sale starts…if they do put the WD in a local newspaper, you could get it delivered (although it stinks that you will have to pay for the paper). Worse case, you could get a flyer when you are at the store but then it’s hard to plan ahead and you will spend more time at the store trying to figure out what you want to buy. Sorry you are having so much trouble getting it. We try to have the ads up as soon as we can get them.

  2. i am stopping by tomorrow morning to shop but the pizza coupon for 2$ off i cant find it on the website please contact me on this matter, thank you and have a wonderful day.


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