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  1. On Nordstrom rack they have a cute pair of Steve Madden shoes called Wharton faux fur bootie only $35 and look really warm

  2. Ok this is my macys coat list of only 70% off so the most deeply discounted

    Vince Caputo
    High shine faux fur puffer 84
    Asymmetrical puffer 82
    Plaid faux fur double breathed belted coat 120

    Assymetical puffer 57
    Plaid walker coat 82
    High shine faux fur puffer 75
    Single breated walker coat 83
    Faux fur trim hooded quilted anorak 72

    Asymmetrical puffer 72
    Leopard print and zebra print walker coat both 120

    London fog
    Plaid scarf maxi coat
    Faux fur hooded down puffer 83
    Hooded bibbed rain coat 60
    Single breasted hooded raincoat 60

    Cole Haan
    Box quilted down puffer 82
    Faux fur hooded down puffer 90
    Hooded belted puffer coat 75
    Faux fur collar belted wrap coat 210 that might be wrong

    Anne klein
    Single breasted walker coat 102
    Double breasted hooded coat 126

    Faux fur skirted coat 82
    Belted hooded coat 83
    Faux fur trim puffer coat 90
    Faux furncollared belted wrap coat 120
    Double breasted belted coat 82
    High shine hooded puffer

    Landry by shelli Segal
    Faux fur trim hooded coat 82
    Faux fur gingham walker coat 82
    Metallic tweed walker coat 82

    Michael kors
    Asymmetrical belted coat
    Hooded anorak raincoat 60
    Leopard hooded packable raincoat 57
    Single breasted zebra print walker coat 82

    Calvin klein
    Stand collar walker coat 120
    Faux fur hooded walker coat 120
    Snake embossed hooded puffer 66

    Faux fur trim hooded anorak parka 83
    Plaid belted wrap coat 108
    Faux leather collar plaid walker coat 83

    Tommy hilfiger
    Faux fur trim hooded maxi puffer 105
    Hoodie puffer coat 60
    Faux fur water resistant puffer 96
    Fleece detail puffer 60
    Hooded lined belted raincoat 54

    Faux fur trim hooded anorak 60

    Kenneth Cole
    Faux fur single breasted coat 108

    Madden girl
    Hooded puffer 35
    Juniors faux fur anorak parka 35

    Via spiga
    Tweed faux fur 120
    Asymmetrical faux fur collar coat 120
    Double breasted belted coat 120

    Sam elderman
    Faux fur lined wrap coat 108
    Faux fur hooded puffer 78
    Belted hooded puffer belted coat 84
    Leopard printed hooded puffer 78

    Coffee shop
    Juniors faux leather moto jacket 26
    Leopard print faux fur ajacket 35

    Marilyn and me
    Juniors faux fur jacket 20

    Selby Juniors quilted water resistant coat 40

    Jones ny
    Single breasted plaid coat
    Single breasted belted maxi coat 138
    Leopard print reefer coat 102

    Jou jou Juniors faux fur collar faux leather coat 22

    Collection b
    Juniors cropped plaid puffer 35
    Faux leather moto 27

  3. On dillards website they have classic short uggs for 120 but my favorite would be the Jessica Simpson brixel quilted faux fur trim sole wedge bootie 77

    I haven’t went thru everything


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