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Save A Lot Ad

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  1. Hi it’s Toni I knows it’s been a long time I MIGHT look at the sales in thanksgiving but I definitely need to tell you how a Uber driver tried to kidnap me

    I was at the laundromat and got the notice me uber was on the way and I was tracking him thru the app so I saw him pull up to the light and I got my laundry together and went outside because he was about to pull up So the vehicle pulls up and I went outside but before I loaded up the car I wanted to check the license plate to make sure they matched but when I looked at the app their was another driver on the way but the guy was standing there expecting me to get in the car but obviously something was up so I went back inside and waited for the next Uber that was dispatched to me

    But basically this guy saw me as he was pulling up in the parking lot and immediately turned off his app or clocked out so he wouldn’t be on record as the person who picked me up and could run off with me and not get caught like security cameras don’t exist and this was broad daylight

    I can not emphasize enough BE VERY CAREFUL there was a girl who was killed because she got in a car that she thought was her Uber and I bet it was what happend to me she saw the car pulling up like the app told her but the driver shut the clock off right before she actually got in and killed her


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