Marc’s Weekly (11/25/22 – 11/29/22) Ad Preview

Marc's Weekly (11/25/22 - 11/29/22) Ad Preview

Marc’s Ad

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  1. So I looked thru today’s Macy’s flash sale and the uggshelby rain boot the tall one is only $29 and there’s this cute pair of Michael kors Jill wedge sandal for $55

  2. Ok daily deals Home Depot is floor and tile target is 30% off off frozen toys and Best Buy has this dart board $25 off of you have competitive teenage boys they’ll have a good time fighting who won

  3. I’m so g lad were getting stimulus checks nordstrom rack started a coat sale i just got the email this morning so I haven’t had time to go thru them

    Then whenever I go out a town I take amtrak for free b/c there’s this survey panel called surveypointsclub and you tell them your amtrak guestrewards number and when you do the surveys thr points get immediately deposited i to your amtrak account

    Then for free hotels hilton honors is and wyndham is

  4. I went thru some more stuff at JCPenney this is what I found

    They have a pair of girls peppa the pig and lol dolls ballerina slippers for 7.20

    For character sweatshirts for girls they have juicy zipper hoodie for 22, a long sleeve LOL crewneck for 20, a Barbie sweatshirt for 18, a stitch sweatshirt for 18, they have a Care Bears for 20, 2 Minnie Mouse 1 for 18 1 for 8.99, Mickey and friends for 18, Star Wars for 21, a friends the show sweatshirt for 10.49, a Jojo Siwa sweatshirt for 8.99 and a beauty and the beast belle princess fleece sweatshirt for 19

    In boys they had a lot of fleece hoodies Pokémon for 21, Fortnite for 21, a couple Minecraft for 21, a Spider-Man for 21 and they have a Disney collection Spider-Man for 16.49 but it’s only in a xxsmall size 4-5, a super Mario for 21, a sonic the hedgehog for 22, a pikachu for 21, they have this “miles fleece zipper hoodie” it has a big spider on the front for 21, thry have both a black panther zipper hoodie and a regular fleece hoodie, and they have a looney tunes crewneck sweatshirt and hoodie

  5. Then at J.C. Penney these are the character socks I found

    For toddlers all for $9 for girls they have Disney princess, baby shark, frozen, peppa pig and for boys they have coco melon, paw patrol, baby shark, blues clues, and Mickey Mouse

    For boys for $9 they have paw patrol Minecraft a 6 pack for 9 a 12 pack for 14.99, justice league, Star Wars, Mickey Mouse, Batman, and madalorian 6 pack $9, 12 pack $14.99

    Then for girls all for $9 a Disney princess multipack 6 pack and a 12 pack for 14.99, LOL multipack for 9 and a 12 pack for 14.99, frozen, Minnie Mouse, my little poney, jojo siwa for $9

  6. If anyone has kohls cash I looked at the boys size 4 – 12 and the company is called jumping beans these are all long sleeve tees

    Light year adaptive neon graphic for 9.99
    Space jam bugs bunny 9.99
    The flash 7.99
    Transformers Autobots 9.99
    Transformers Optimus prime 9.99
    Hot wheels racing legend 10.99
    Hot wheels live fast 9.99
    Hot wheels long sleeve tee blue 9.99
    Jurrasic world T. rex 9.99
    Jurrasic world Wild one 9.99
    Jurrasic world flippable sequin 12.99
    Jurrasic world T. rex color block 10.99
    Black panther 10.99
    Sonic the hedgehog flippable sequins 12.99
    Sonic the hedgehog sonic speed 7.99
    Sonic the hedgehog tie dye 9.99
    Minecraft creeper face 9.99
    Minecraft action shot 9.99
    Minecraft creeper static 10.99
    Mario kart Mario Luigi yoshi 9.99
    Mario kart vintage long sleeve tee 9.99
    Super Mario grid long sleeve tee 7.99
    Super Mario tie dye 10.99
    Super Mario all over print 10.99
    Disney Mickey Mouse 8.99
    Disney Pixar cars lightning McQueen 8.99
    The mandalorian pocket tee 10.99
    Star Wars droids logo color block 10.99
    Star Wars neon vintage 9.99
    Dc comics Batman camo logo 9.99
    Spider-Man tie dye 9.99
    Spider-Man thermal 10.99
    Spider-Man sound effects 7.99
    Spider-Man here to save the day 10.99
    Marvel Spider-Man superhero pocket tee 10.99
    Marvel Spider-Man 9.99
    Marvel logo tie dye 9.99
    Marvel avengers 10.99


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