Kohl’s Ad (11/28/20 – 12/2/20) Preview (Cyber Week)!

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Kohl's Ad (11/28/20 - 12/2/20) Preview (Cyber Week)!

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  1. Looking at macys luggage they have Jeep luggage for $50 so unique and they have a Sam so it’s golf 3 piece travel set Orginallty $290 now $100 also one for skis I think that said $50

  2. That crazy journalist Marty griffin from kdka paid the manager of petsmart to put listening devices into Noah’s meowijuana toys I ordered so I had to return them all then on J.C. Penney website I got the last small pink Columbia fleece he knows I got that and had a listening device sewn into a hem so I can’t even pick it up WHAT A AWFUL LIFE TO LIVE can’t leave the house to go out to eat now can’t online shop with store pick up b/c when my name is seen on a package it’s time for someone to get a free paycheck because they know we can call Marty griffin he’ll pay to have a listening device and whether I pick up the merchandise or not they got paid and that’s all that matters this dude is really sick and I was suposed to been left Pittsburgh but this guy who was supposed to save me went to jail till March so for 4 months until I leave Pittsburgh I can’t online buy anything for store pickup

    IT IS SO HARD BEING BLACK ppl just care about our happiness I thought up this miscarriage prevention plan basically don’t take a bath or apply heat to pelvic flooor muscles because they’ll loosen and the baby will come out I should get a Nobel peace prize for that but just because I’m black I’m basically in jail

    But when that journalist Marty paid for a listening device to put into my pink rain boots from Macy’s macys found out and started an investigation and the ups driver Marty paid to drop the shoes off to get altered is talking to get in less trouble so hopefully sooner than later the feds come in and totally shut this guy down because I think tampering w/ mail is a federal offense


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