Dollar Tree Ad (10/25/20 – 10/31/20) Early Preview

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Dollar Tree Ad (10/25/20 - 10/31/20)

Dollar Tree Weekly Ad

Looking for Dollar Tree deals this week?! View the full Dollar Tree Weekly Ad for this week and the Dollar Tree Ad next week!

Flip through all of the pages of the Dollar Tree sales ad for next week. Plan your shopping trip ahead of time and get your coupons ready for the new Dollar Tree weekly ad preview!

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  1. I ordered something from jcpenney & they sent me a $10 coupon anything over $25 and select categores get extra 10% but Im not using coupon it ends 10/14/19

    For $10 off the online code is 4WELCOME and the serial number is 740635526

    For 10% off online code is 28SAVE
    and the serial number is 037989083

    This is single use so whoever grabs it first is who gets to use it

    If asked for code under barcode its MC4588912220005064008558

  2. So you know how I told you about that crazy journalist Marty griffin harassing me it has hit a new low this dude paid to have a listening device put in some shoes I ordered

    I ordered those hot pink boots and they said they were coming last Saturday and they were on the truck for delivery but never got them then got an email they would come Monday morning at 1 but they didn’t come until 4 and it wasn’t in Macy’s packaging This is what they did

    So this guy Marty griffin pays the ups driver to drop the shoes off at a house so someone can work on putting a listening device in them and all day Saturday it says shoes are out for delivery so I complain then they say 1rst thing Monday before he picks up his returns but he didn’t come till 4 that’s b/c he was picking up the shoes that have been altered and wasn’t back in my area till that afternoon

    I’m kinda clairvoyant so I knew something was up from the start but I bet this is what happens to breonna Taylor b/c they said the post master said she was getting to many packages so i bet a listening device was planted in something she ordered and were able to maybe listen in on the boyfriend saying he was smoking a blunt then they think of he definitely has drugs and they invade the house kill breonna but find no drugs

    If it doesnt have ship to store I can’t online shop THIS IS INSANE b/c I wrote down all the sales at macys and tell you all so that store LOVES ME they knew the deal and they found the listening device and told everyone so now NO ONE wants to be around her kids in fear he‘ll do they same to them

    So I guess over the weekend his daughter was going to a haunted house but none of her friends wanted her in their car b/c their scared she’s gonna put a listening device on them I don’t have kids but they say that’s the worst for parents

    I am so glad he’s getting what he deserved then I wrote a letter to the society of professional journalists and got a letter back like well he’s protected under the 1rst amendment and I’m like but he’s violating my human right and my constitutional right to privacy to get the information I am on a super mission to destroy their lives WHATEVER I have to do to ruin their lives and I hate to cut my nose to spite my face but I want him to feel it

    This guy 1rst got his Dallas tv station sued for 2 million invading these 2 Dallas cowboys right to privacy Then in 2005 he’s caught trespassing in a. Port authority garage to do a story then 2006 he catches a reverend sleeping with a prostitute tries to do a story and the reverend killed himself then on a major phone call with press with dr Rachel Levine he called her sir THREE TIMES and now he’s invading my privacy but still works for kdka it’s like their just asking to get sued


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