Kroger Free Friday Download (4/19/19) Sneak Peek!

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Free Friday Download

Kroger Free Friday Download

Looking for the Kroger FREE Friday Download for next week!!  Get ready for the Kroger Friday Freebie for April 19th, 2019!

Or not.  It looks like we do NOT have a Friday Freebie on 4/19/19. At least there is not one listed in the Kroger Weekly Ad Preview.  If a Friday Freebie pops up, we will update this post!

Lots of other current and upcoming Kroger deals! You can view the Kroger Weekly Ad including the EARLY Kroger ad sneak peeks (posted on Saturday mornings) here!


Kroger Free Friday Download details below.

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Kroger Free Friday Download

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The Kroger Free Friday Download is available in most Kroger Chain Stores locations.  Limit 1 per household.  Kroger Digital Coupons and paper coupons may not be combined on the purchase of a single item.

Find a listing of ALL the Kroger Digital Coupons in the LadySavings Coupon Database.  Just change the source to “Kroger”.


      • I called Kroger, they said they are on the fence as to weather to keep the program going. In the news I read the CEO of Kroger was being blamed for poor corp performance due to him focusing on online presence — free friday – is a big part of that.

  1. So two weeks with no Free Friday deal? Not a good sign of things to come in my opinion. Kroger seems to do the opposite of what makes customers happy lately.

  2. Tammy, you guessed WRONG.

    Ralph’s is on the fence to continue the free Friday downloads.
    I had contacted their support as well as a store manager.

    So, I would not expect it to continue, just disappear.

  3. I’m very surprised that we might be loosing ffd it’s one of the the items that makes sure I’m in my Kroger weekly. You do know not everyone wants 6 of what You think we all want

  4. Fry’s has gone downhill over the past months, there seems to be a huge push to ‘self service’ (scan bag go, click list, self check) all with no real discount to the shopper. Regular check out lanes are minimized, and the bagging is horrible. I had $100 of groceries jammed into TWO paper bags- everything was ruined and customer service needed to issue refunds. If they can’t bag correctly infront of me, how are they going to bag with click list? I’m doing more and more shopping at costco/sprouts and target.

    • Kroger in Houston has been like that for almost 2 decades. It surprised me when I first moved here because where I moved from there were two stores that expected you to bag your own stuff, ShopNSave and Aldi, both of which are discount stores. I tend to be a night person so I shop late plus there was a hold up with my student loan check when I transferred to a new school so for like 8 weeks I was unable to buy groceries and was just getting stuff that the convenience store I was working in temporarily sold & just taking it out of what I made every shift. So when that student loan check came in around mid-October I was down to like some flour tortillas & cheese and the first thing I did was go to Kroger that night and stock up. So when I went to check out I asked which cashier was open & they said self-checkout only this late. I looked at the cart & said that wasn’t going to work for me. He still wasn’t going to check me out and he didn’t seem to understand that it wasn’t my job. I finally said, “You can spend 15 minutes ringing this up, bagging it, and checking me out or you can spend at least double or triple that putting back what I’m estimating is at least $400 worth of groceries, your choice.” He didn’t seem to get that the customer could jut say no, refuse to do their job for them, and leave. I don’t recall if it took more than 15 minutes for him to do it but I do recall the total, $486. Can you imagine having to use that little self-checkout thing to ring up that amount of groceries yourself?

  5. Please don’t kill the ffd!!!!! It really is a door opener! And if you are like me, you never make it out of the store without a bunch of other sale items! You would be making a big mistake, in my opinion.

  6. The free Friday download ,for Kroger needs to return(I know that I’m not the only one that feels that way),many people,look forward to it. Please return the free Friday download.

  7. Very disappointed to hear that they are even considering taking away the free Friday coupon for their regular loyal customers, this is a huge perk. I am noticing that the digital coupons that I look for are fewer and fewer items that I actually use and I’ve already been disgruntled by the lack of consideration that this shows to the customer. I would expect Kroger to think about the fact that if I’m going to go online take my time and download coupons that it should be coupons that a family would be most likely to use. There are times I feel that the coupons listed are the items they are pushing or trying to get rid of but not practical or desired items. I have been a loyal faithful Kroger customer in the past but I’m really struggling with continuing to make my purchases at Kroger when I am finding that I spend more and get less than if I went elsewhere. If our comments mean anything to the Kroger company I wish you would take what I have said into consideration and know that I’m not wanting to take my business elsewhere Kroger is my preferred location of shopping but I have to be efficient with my money and go where I can get the best deals on the food I actually want and need to purchase.
    If this situation with your digital coupons you’re free Friday downloads could please be addressed and think of the customer and not just the bottom dollar would be most appreciated.
    I would like to keep Kroger’s as my first choice in grocery shopping but if things continue in the direction that they have been going I may be forced to go elsewhere as I have to stick with the budget I have and it’s not a matter of preference but rather of necessity to shop where I can get my best value for the items I truly want and need

  8. Yesterday, the FFDL didn’t even show up on my app – not only no coupon, but no FFDL section/banner on the app. The reason I’ve been a loyal Kroger customer for so long is that they really seemed to put the customer first, with coupons for produce, with “best customer bonuses” for coupons for the things you buy most to reward you. Now all they seem to want to do is push “Click-List” or only organic produce/meat & not have the same savings or rewards. I know they think online grocery is the next big thing & that they’re getting ahead of the game, but they’re really alienating some of their best customers. More and more I shop at Aldi for produce/meat. It makes me sad. I know it sounds silly, but when I was in grad school & was on a shoestring budget, I looked forward to the FFDL every week – it was such a treat! I’m still budgeting (student loans), but have more wiggle room thankfully… but I’m really disenchanted. I feel like Kroger is heading more & more the direction of Giant Eagle – overpriced & getting less & less bang for my buck.

    • I think they would have had the RX bar as the freebie last week but had to pull it because of the recall. It seems like some areas still had it (maybe those areas had bars that weren’t part of the recall?) on the app but not sure if they actually had them in the store. Hopefully they get back to having one every Friday! I know many look forward to it!

    • I agree with the HUGE focus on organic everything and clicklist coupons offered. I am over browsing through so many coupons that I will not use. Even when I filter out the clicklist coupons…many still show. I figure that is intentional, to push their promotion down my throat. I like to shop and pick out my own groceries. The huge clicklist “carts” going through the store that block 4 feet of the isle I am shopping in many times are frustrating. It’s convenient for the online shopper that must have more money than time, but annoying for me. I need to go back to Aldi’s and Walmart. To further alienate shoppers, for about the last 2 weeks, our Kroger (a newer superstore, opened maybe about 3 years ago) is remodeling by moving all the products in entirely new locations throughout the store and EVERYTHING is upside down. The physical shoppers to have to relearn the store. I have one foot out the door.

  9. No free Friday again. Not only no free Friday but no two day sale items in my Kroger of course no rain checks either. I can try again tomorrow but why should I have to try again?

    • Unless the ad says no rain checks they’re supposed to provide them when they’re out of sale items. The entire point of a raincheck is an apology for the inconvenience of not having it in the first place so you having to come back tomorrow instead with no guarantee is an even bigger inconvenience. Sometimes mine will say customer service is closed already, they give out the rainchecks and you can get one from them tomorrow. Since the store policy is rainchecks for sale items they are out of not rainchecks for sale items they are out of until 8 pm when customer service closes i don’t leave without one. After all, all a raincheck requires is the ability to read an ad, see the item, the sales price, the ability to figure out what date 30 from now is, write that information on a little slip of paper & give it to the customer.

  10. They had a candy discount coupon (not free) this week that said it was good for Friday and Saturday ONLY. I would bet that’s where all of this is going.

  11. Again, no Free Friday. A slew of coupons that I’m not going to use (click list/organic) I’m not getting ‘best customer’ coupons and I’m not getting monthly mailer coupons. My local store closed the child care play room so they had space for the ‘click list’ storage. Its obvious this is NOT consumer focused- I can either bring all the kids with me to the store; wait in line OR juggle scan/bag/go OR try self check- all with kids since you took away the child care. Or press my luck with click list. None of these sound optimal. And if anyone from Kroger happens to be reading this- you really need to stop hiding behind your union and pay your employees sick time as required by arizona law. This week I am going to costco and target, NOT Frys.


  13. A real shame about the freebies being reduced to twice a month? This was a good way to get me to come back. Oh well.

  14. I can’t help it. I like to eat apples and oranges. You know fruit and veggies. Kroger’s high priced rotten fruit has made me so damned made. There’s nothing like taking a bite out of a rotten apple that you paid 2.49 #. Grapes that have started to mold. I like the Free Friday download too. But getting good high quality fruit out weighs a free candy bar.

  15. No free Friday again. Not only no free Friday but no two day sale items in my Kroger of course no rain checks either. I’m totally disappointed….
    I usually go to the store for the free Friday and end up spending over $70 every time…

    • Mine has two day sales this week; it’s not stuff I’d buy (Ruffles & Tostitos for 1.49 & Body Armor, and a few different coffee offers for 3.99) but those who would can use them 5 times.

  16. FREE FRIDAY is so now-and-the it is a waste of time even looking for the ad online!! Hate the “buy 5 or 6 and save” — my store is often out of many of the items or the shelves are NOT tagged and there is NO complete list available any more! Also more and more only Kroger brand items are being stocked. Shelves and freezers have vacant spaces! The produce section is well-stocked and has eye appeal!! Two-day coupon offers are not in stock and NO rainchecks till late the last day — and why should I have to make a second trip back??!! Managements says they have changed “warehouses” and hope for improvement. Also our two stores cannot keep a good-working staff! My store serves a small “bedroom communitiy” (6,000) and we are dependent on it being available. Kroger will NOT allow any competitor to buy a building that Kroger had preiously occupied and continues to own — vacant! Or we drive 10 miles on a mountain road to the Kroger Marketplace and walk “miles” through the store to find a few items — isles not marked well! “Step up” or more local shoppers will be driving 20 miles to competitors for satisfaction and savings!! Something is VERY wrong!!!


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