Where Can I Find RetailMeNot Insert Coupons?


Where to find RetailMeNot Insert Coupons

We have had lots of high-value RetailMeNot coupons lately and I have had many people ask me “Where can I find RetailMeNot inserts and coupons?”  Good question!

Not all Sunday newspapers carry the RetailMeNot Insert (now known as Save Insert). Some areas receive this insert in their regular mail and not in the Sunday paper.  This is great for those who just coupon a little but for those who really want to stock-up when shopping, getting just 1 RetailMeNot insert in the mail isn’t much.  Hopefully friends, family and neighbors who don’t coupon are willing to share their inserts!

To see if there is a newspaper near you that carries the RetailMeNot insert, go here and enter your address.  Be sure when buying the newspaper you always double check the coupons are actually in there before leaving the store….once in a while they are missing!

Plus remember that many (not all) of the new RetailMeNot coupons are also available to print on Sunday morning!


  1. I thought it would tell me where to buy newspapers with the RP in them. Just told me that I’d get in in my mail 🙁 I already knew that! I used to be able to get them in the Washington newspaper at the Giant Eagle in South Park/Bethel Park, but they stopped putting in the redplum to those ones a year or so ago. Anyone else know of anywhere in the South Hills that they still do this?

    • If it just said the mail then there probably isn’t anywhere near you that has the newspapers with the RP in it 🙁 You could try putting in other addresses of nearby areas to see if it picks up anything.

    • Also, when it does state a newspaper, it doesn’t tell exactly where to get it so I guess at that point you could look up where that paper is carried. Although I’m near Pittsburgh, I live closer to WV and if I remember correctly, there isn’t a newspaper in Pitt that carries the RP. I think that you would have to come into Washington County to get the Observer Reporter. Imperial may be the closest town that has it….but I’m not sure how far that is from Bethel Park? You would be close to the Market District in Robinson though 🙂

      • Do you know if the Market District in Robinson has a newspaper with the RP in it? I was JUST in that area this morning! 🙁 I live north of Pittsburgh, and I can’t find a paper that carries the RP either!

        • No, Market District will not have the Washington Observer that carries the RP…they do,however, usually have the Sunday paper in a 2-pk for something like $1.51 (but it’s just the one that has the SS and PG when available)?! I think you buy one and get 1 for a penny. I haven’t been there on a Sunday recently but in the past it has always been like that 🙂 You would have needed to go into Washington County to find the Observer Reporter with the RP. Imperial would have probably been the closest to you if you were in Robinson. I’m guessing the Imperial Rite Aid would have had it.

  2. Im the same. Always get mine in the mail, and i HATE it. Only thing is its nice IF i get it monday or tuesday and they have a coupon for something already on sale. But even then i still only have one copy. Really wish there was a way for us to get more without ordering from clipping services. I dont usually have people to get theres from.

  3. The only time I ever received the Red Plum was when I lived in Mount Washington back in 2008. We got them in the mail. Just today we started to receive the Red Plum coupons in the mail again (6 years later). We had been receiving just the weekly circulars within the Red Plum fold over in the mail when I lived in Oakland. This past summer we moved to Mount Oliver. We are literally just 2 houses form the South Side Slopes, and we didn’t even get the fold over with the circulars here. I was quite surprised when I came home from the office today and saw some circulars poking out of the mailbox. When I saw it was Red Plum I figured it was just the fold over. Boy was I surprised when I found actual Red Plum coupons in it. It looks like Red Plum has added our area to the mailing territory. Granted, I wish it was in the Trib or Post Gazette, but I’ll take 1 over none any day.

    • Glad you are getting them! For those in Pittsbugh to get multiple red plums in the Sunday paper, you have to drive into Washington County and get the Observer Reporter. We don’t get the RP here in the mail- we only get it in the newspaper.

  4. I need some clarification. I’m new to couponing. I have bought the Sunday paper and I’ve seen the SAVE insert but it’s only a single page. None of the coupons that are usually mentioned by couponers are in the paper. I’m so confused. Is the SAVE insert the old RMN or am I confusing the two?

    • Yes, the Save insert is the old RetailMeNot insert (it was Redplum before that). Some areas get better coupon inserts than other areas so it could be that the newspaper you are getting just doesn’t have a good Save insert. Try getting a bigger city paper to see if they have better inserts.


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