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It’s always a good idea to stock up on cold and flu medicine before you get sick so you don’t have to overpay! With these deals on Vicks products, you can stock your medicine cabinet for flu season. Check out how you can save money on these products with these Nyquil coupons!

Vicks products include those for cold and flu relief, such as nyquil and dayquil. For a bad cough, try out the cough suppressant or the severe cold and flu relief caplets. For sinus relief, pick up some nyquil or dayquil severe cold and flu relief liquid co-pack. There are also products safe for children.

We will keep you up-to-date on all of the latest Vicks coupons and deals! Scroll through these Vicks coupons to find current deals and sales. Also keep checking back to see if a great dayquil coupon pops up. Never overpay on a necessary product!

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Other CouponsSourceExpiration
Save $1.00 on Vicks® ZzzQuil™Ibotta05/03/19
Save $1.00 on Vicks® PURE Zzzs™ Kidz Melatonin GummiesIbotta05/03/19
Save $1.50 on Vicks® PURE Zzzs™ Soothing Aromatherapy BalmIbotta04/21/19
Save $0.75 on Vicks® VapoCOOL™ DropsIbotta02/01/19
Save $1.00 on Vicks® NyQuil™ VapoCOOL™Ibotta02/01/19
Save $1.00 on Vicks® ZzzQuil™ PURE Zzzs™Ibotta08/02/19
Save $2.50 on Vicks® VaporizerKroger01/26/19

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