Slim Jim Coupons (Keto-Friendly Snacks!)

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Slim Jim Coupons

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Smil Jim Deals at Amazon

Hurry & get the Slim Jim Smoked Snack Stick Pantry Pack, Original, 46 Count for as low as $6.92 (reg. $10.49) from Amazon. (out of stock)


Here’s another deal: get the “Keto-Friendly” Slim Jim Snack-Sized Smoked Meat Sticks, Original Flavor, 0.28 oz. 120-Count today from Amazon. (out of stock)


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  • Enjoy this beefy protein snack food for an easy, on-the-go meat feast that’ll kick hunger to the curb
  • The intensely bold Original flavor is prime for snack time, lunchtime, after school or anytime
  • Keto Friendly Snack – 7 grams of protein, 1g net carbs (1g total carbs minus 0g dietary fiber), and 0g added sugar per serving

From the manufacturer:
Slim Jim Original Snack-Sized Smoked Meat Sticks are locked and loaded protein snacks with 7 grams of protein per serving. This tasty, jack-of-all-trades snack food goes anywhere.

Satisfy your hunger with a meat snack stick that punches your taste buds in the face with a carnivore-pleasing recipe that’s not like those other beef sticks or beef jerky imposters.

Slim Jim Snack Sticks will help you forget all about how hungry that old ketogenic diet used to make you feel. Snap into a Slim Jim and snack like the beefy boss you know you are.

Slim Jim Snack-Sized Smoked Meat Sticks, Original Flavor, Keto Friendly, 0.28 oz. 120-Count

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