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Prego Coupons

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Prego makes some vegan pasta sauces! Check out the full Vegan Pasta Sauce Brand Guide!

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Prego Coupons

Prego Traditional Italian Sauce, 24 Ounce

Get the Prego Traditional Italian Sauce, 24 Ounce today for only $1.84 ($0.08 / oz) from Amazon!


Prego Traditional Italian Sauce, 24 Ounce

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prego at Dollar Tree

Prego Deal at Dollar Tree:

Be sure to check your local Dollar Tree for the cans of Prego Sauces! The Prego coupon is now gone, but you can still get these for just $1!

Purchase: Prego Sauces (cans) @ $1 each

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Before going on your next shopping trip, be sure to scroll through the deals below to find high value Prego Coupons to print, and then click the link to see details. Print the Prego coupon of your choice and save the next time you go shopping!

Find deals and ✳️ coupons for any of the Prego pasta products, including Prego Italian sauces (Prego Alfredo sauce, restaurant inspired, Prego classic Italian, Prego chunky garden,healthy & delicious), and other great flavors including Prego creamy vodka, Prego pesto marinara, and Prego spicy red pepper!



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