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november pg insert preview

November 2020 P&G Insert Preview

November 2020 P&G Insert Preview (expected in the paper on 10/25/20)! See all of the pages of the November P&G Coupon Insert below!

Print the new P&G Coupons HERE!

Insert coupons and coupon values can vary by region! Photo Credit and thanks to: Treasure Chest Dealz and Bq Savings.

Check out early ad previews for more than 30 stores!

November P&G Insert Scan

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  1. I’m not seeing anything good. P&G is really dwindling down with their offers. The values has dropped a bit and exclusions has went up. I remember the first P&G of the year usually good with excellent offers and discounts. Now meh.

  2. You actually received the “real” Tide coupons for $2 off each item.
    The insert I received is a Tide advertisement with a website to go to Brandsaver to print your coupons.
    What a rip off!!!

  3. The problem is the 37000 family code for their coupons and products, which allows for so much fraud still. If they could fix that, people would actually have to buy the right product rather than getting any PG product

  4. 🙁 I was almost excited about this months P&G but, unfortunately in my area of Bham Alabama we don’t get the Tide coupons… does anyone know why

    • I just saw that recently. Not sure if they ran out of prints quickly or just didn’t add any coupons for the new month. Very strange!

  5. I have pretty much quit buying P&G products. Over priced and rarely any good deals on them. The only item that I am faithful to is Dawn.

    • completely agree with you and previous comments. I also use nothing but Dawn. Only P&G product that I have stuck with

    • Some regions still get the Tide coupons in the insert but so many areas no longer get Tide (& Gain).

  6. This happens every year. Right after Halloween all the coupons start going down in value or disappearing completely. It is sad, but normal. They will get a little better after the holidays but don’t expect them to really ramp back up until Spring. Most of our nice $1 paper goods coupons expired yesterday. The new ones will be .25. If you have any left, get it while you can and hold on to your stockpiles. Those Tide coupons are for larger sizes. Expect the same on Gain. Our party is over for awhile.

    • They have stopped including the inserts in certain areas that have had a large amount of the inserts stolen. They are trying to stop the sale of their coupons. Legally coupons can only be distributed thru direct mail or in the paper. Newspapers and printers are not highly secured areas and many of the buildings are aging. Thieves remove entire pallets of inserts that are still shrink wrapped. When you see a company or person (coupon fairy) who is selling coupons or inserts, they are stolen. They will often claim they buy them from authorized resellers, however there is no such thing. On the coupon black market, P&G is the most valuable insert. They are trying to stop the supply chain from the top. On a local level (like my neighborhood) a couponer will go to the box very early, buy one paper and steal all of the inserts from the papers below. Gain and Tide coupons are considered very valuable. Those people will often buy as many items as they can and sell them on Facebook or yard sales. They have been removed from areas that were having a high fraud rate. P&G inserts are not expected to return to the regions that no longer have them in the paper.
      I’m a veteran couponer and I’m not trying to play devil’s advocate here. The manufacturers and retailers are trying to keep the coupons out of the hands of thieves and into the hands of their customer. Its a hard thing to figure out. They have literally lost hundreds of millions of dollars to coupon fraud. It’s a pretty big business. The FBI has been involved in many cases. Ultimately, just like all theft, it costs the consumer in the end.
      As for printing coupons, try switching browsers. I can’t print any P&G coupons from Chrome but I have no problem if I use Explorer.
      I hope some of this information helps. I know it probably doesn’t, but at least you know the WHY now.

  7. Heck I would just like to receive the same amount of coupons other regions get. My paper is the Picayune Item and we may at times only get one pack. Can’t tell you the last time I saw a P&G insert or if at all. I live in a small town, we only get a CVS and Walgreens Insert. The Family Dollar and Dollar General comes in the Retail Me Not insert(if we get one). Just because we live in a small town, I guess advertisers assume we don’t get out much beyond the edge of town 😳


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