HOT Deal on Sam’s Club Membership!


**Update:  This Sams Club Membership deal is now over – check out the other deals you can snag from Living Social here!

**You can still get in on this deal!  My hubby just snagged us a membership this morning!  If you are still undecided, read the comments below….that’s what made me take the leap 🙂

Now that we don’t earn foodperks for getting gas at Get Go, I may end up getting gas at Sam’s Club if it’s cheaper and get gas at Get Go when I have fuelperks to redeem!  For a little over $5 (after the $20 gift card and food vouchers), you really can’t lose!

Here’s the deal……..

Living Social has a HOT Deal today!  Log-in to your account or Sign-Up here to get started.

Then, Click on the Sam’s Club Deal to purchase everything below for just $45 (valued at $79.84)!
• One-year Membership package
• $20 Sam’s Club gift card!
• $19.84 in food-service vouchers including: Artisan Fresh Rotisserie Chicken, a 16″ Artisan Fresh Take-and-Bake Pizza, and two boxes of 6-, 12-, or 24-count Artisan Fresh Cookies!!

So you basically get back $39.84!  What an awesome deal if you want to give Sam’s Club a try 🙂

I have friends who shop there a lot and love it!  I’m still deciding what to do.  I know that on most items I can get a better price by using coupons at Giant Eagle and other stores, however, I’m sure there are times when their prices are better.

If you have ever shopped there, help me (and others) out 🙂  Do you think having a Sam’s Club Membership is worth it?


  1. It is probably a good deal, I haven’t shopped there for a few years…their meat items are very good and priced well and what you get for signing up isn’t bad at all, some high ticket items are good as well but as far as things I can use coupons for nah ..Ill stick with giant eagle to get those.

    • Oh no:( I’m gonna ask my hubby what he thinks. My nearest Sam’s club is about 35 minutes away but it’s near Giant Eagle so I drive up that way usually once a week anyway. (I say usually because if there isn’t a lot of great deals at Giant Eagle, I just send in my hubby with coupons and pray he get it’s right – haha)

  2. I’ve had a membership for several years now and mostly keep it for my daughter to use. If it was just me I wouldn’t bother. They do have really good prices on over the counter medicines. Would rather have a membership to Costco but none in our immediate area.
    Since this is such a good deal, I would go ahead and get it. That will give you time to evaluate if you would get your money’s worth from a membership.

  3. I used to have a Costco membership, but now we live too far away. My husband would go after work when we needed something. But my mom and MIL will pick up things for us at Sam’s. I am excited- I got this deal this morning so I can go on my own again. We buy Craisins- large bags, dog milkbones, Allegra, generic Claritin, bottles of water by the case and nesquick large canisters on a regular basis- cheaper than at GE and stuff we use often- I neve have enough coupons to buy them that cheap. I like their fresh fruit and veggies selection and some frozen items too. Decent prices on printing of pics too. Now I can’t wait to go to Sam’s Club!

    • Okay….you had me with the cheap Allegra/Claritin! Gonna get a membership since it’s such a good deal. My son and I both have alergies (I think my daughter does too but she hasn’t been tested yet) and we go thru a Lot of allergy medicine which just reminded me that tonight is my weekly shot 🙁 Has anyone ever had their hubby give them a shot?! Not fun at all – haha! I think I’ll hide down here on the computer and hope he doesn’t remember 🙂

  4. We use Sam’s Club for their chicken breast prices…WAY cheaper than I’ve ever seen them at GE!! And their whole chicken prices are cheap too! We also use them for our broccoli crowns, celery, portabella caps, romano cheese wedge and frozen strawberries…that’s it! However, we buy enough of these items to make the money back on the membership! And their gas tends to be 20 cents cheaper than other gas stations…so we fuel up there a lot!

  5. I have a Sams membership and definitely think it is worth it. We are a family of six and I buy all of our meat there…it is always fresh and MUCH cheaper than Giant Eagle. We also buy coffee, apple juice (members mark brand is unbelievable cheap!), dog food, and vitamins/over the counter meds

  6. For the price, you can’t beat it. I prefer Costco myself & since they’re both within minutes of eachoher I have memberships to both. I was in Sam’s looking to pick up a pizza yesterday but passed. The don’t even compare to Costco’s pizza. The meat prices are good, but when GE has bogo meats, it seems to be about the same. I will say this, the chicken breast at Sam’s is insanely huge, which leads me to believe they have to be pumped full of God knows what. I can’t even bring myself to buy it. I could feed myself & both of my kids with one chicken breast. The produce however is great!

  7. Omg it is so worth it! I coupon and only have 3 in my family but still buy certain things only there. Produce and chicken are my main purchases. I also buy my bread there. If you like magazines or cookbooks you can get those at a disc out too. I buy my spices, olive oil, and vinegar there too!

  8. We buy our boneless skinless chicken breast there by the case… it is the same things they put on the shelves, but cheaper by $1 or so. I have never spent more than $1.50/lb. I was at Costco last week with a friend who has a membership… $2.49/lb whether it was by the case or not!

  9. Baby formula is such a better deal for their store brand formula. They sell their 48oz can for $20.xx Even at walmart, their brand cost $13.xx for a 23 oz can. It is definitely the cheapest store brand I have found.


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