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Giant Eagle Weekly Matchups! Here you can find the Weekly Ad Matchups and the TOP 10 Giant Eagle deals from the weekly ad!

I highlight the deals in the lists to make it easy to spot the BEST deals! The Final Prices highlighted in green = Stock-Up Deal and the Final Prices highlighted in pink = Great Deal! Deals that are not highlighted are simply not a great deal in my opinion.

Giant Eagle Weekly Ad

View the Giant Eagle ad online!  Scroll thru the weekly circular and see what deals you can spot!  ! The Giant Eagle Ad runs from Thursday thru Wednesday. The NEW ad will be posted no later than Tuesday (We often get it on Saturday before the sale)!

Monthly Catalina deals

Go here to view the current monthly catalinas.  Catalinas are coupons that prints out at the register when you buy specific items.  Example: Buy 3 promise spreads and get $2 OYNO (on your next order). If you buy 3 promise spreads in the same transaction using your rewards card, the catalina machine will print out a coupon stating you get $2 off your next shopping trip.

Remember to only buy what is needed and nothing more.  Buying 4 or 5 promise spreads will still result in a $2 catalina.  If you wanted to buy more, simply do separate transactions.

Giant Eagle Fuel Perks

This program gives you 10¢ off of gas for every $50 you spend at Giant Eagle.  For complete details and FAQ go here. You don’t have to use these each time you get gas!  You can choose to let them accumulate in your account.

Some areas have the new Fuelperks + program.

Giant Eagle Coupon Policy

The Giant Eagle Coupon Policy was last updated on January 21st, 2014.  You can see the Full Coupon Policy here.

Limit 5 “like” coupon in a 24 hour period.
Limit of 2 “like” Printed coupons in a 24 hour period.
No “Free” (example: B1G1 FREE) Printed coupons are accepted.


  1. I was just told at my Giant Eagle that your purchase price, less coupons, must total the amount required to earn bonus fuelperks. I purchased 5 Scope mouthwashes and 4 Crest premium toothpastes which totaled $27.00 and should have made me eligible for the $.25 bonus fuelperk when you spend $25.00. When it didn’t appear on my receipt I went to customer service who also thought I should have gotten the bonus. They called in using my advantage card and was told that the reason I didn’t get the bonus was because my coupons brought my total under $25.00. Then another customer service rep came over and stated that was their new policy. I couldn’t find that anywhere on their website though.

    • If you have a Target nearby, I would call Customer Service and ask them about it. It’s ultimately up to each individual store, however if they are a corporate store and CS thinks they should accept them, then they probably will change their thinking 🙂 1–800–553–2324

    • I had two comments about this so I called them 🙂 This is what I posted on the other comment.
      I just called customer service and they said that ALL stores should take Target coupon regardless of how close or far away Target is from you. Call Customer Service and let them know which store and they will pass something along to the store letting them know that these should be taken. If it’s an independent store they may not “have” to take them though so let’s hope it’s a corporate store 1–800–553–2324

  2. I just had issues using Target store coupons at the Heath OH store. They told me they MUST say manufacturer coupon on them or they will not accept it and that’s the new corporate policy. Even the manager came out and said he just did a conference call with corporate and that is the policy. I even called their 800# while standing at the customer service desk. The manager didn’t want to argue or talk with them. They were nice enough and reimbursed my [email protected], but said they will not take these in the future. I just emailed customer service for further clarification. The 800# told me any and all store coupons from a competitor will be accepted if it is a pharmacy or grocery store, regardless of whether it says manufacturer. I will let you know what they email me back.

    • I’d love to hear what they have to say! When I talked to CS they said that all Target coupons should be accepted….I think some stores try to make their own rules. I hope it works out and CS lets the store know that they should be taking these! My store takes them without blinking an eye:)

      • I never heard back so I just emailed customer service again. I am very frustrated with my store. When I called the customer service number they said all stores in Ohio are corporate stores and should allow the use of those other store coupons as long as it’s a nearby store. My store did make their own ‘rules’; they have these printouts of a hodgepodge coupons policy and what they do or DO NOT accept at each register. I almost asked if I could take it and copy if for myself so I know what they accept since they don’t follow the same policy as their website states. I’ll post back once I hear. And if I don’t hear back I’ll be calling customer service again. I spend hundreds of dollars at this store and am ready to only give my business to the GE near my job because they have no problem scanning the ‘competitor’ barcode and then taking that other coupon. The pharmacy has had that barcode FOREVER and I’ve never had an issue there. I’ll keep you posted. Thanks again for your site, saves my family a ton and keeps me sane 🙂

        • The next time you are at the store, take a picture of what they have posted then email it to CS and see what they have to say. I’m interested to hear their response.

  3. I saw the post above about the OYNO now going by sale price where it used to be shelf price. It kind of goes hand-in-hand with my question: I received a GE mailer and in it was a coupon for $5 off your next $20 Health and Beauty purchase. I am wondering if shelf price will get me the $20 or I need to consider sale prices?? Any ideas?

    • Hi Kim – I think you would need to have $20 worth of items based on sale prices. If you have coupons that are going to bring your Health & Beauty purchase under the $20, I would hand over the $5/$20 FIRST, then hand any other coupons over.

      Shelf price used to be amazing but most deals go by sale price now:(

  4. Unfortunately my ge wont’ take target coupons either. They said it has to say manufacturer. They even put a sign up that says “accepts other store’s manufacturer coupons”

    But i can’t complain…b/c my ge still stacks eoffers with reg coupons!!!!

    • That stinks:( I would call and talk to corporate and see what they say. They should have been taking manufacturer coupons with other stores logo’s even BEFORE the new coupon policy. A manufacturer coupon with a Walmart Logo can be used at CVS, Giant Eagle, Kmart or any other store and they will get reimbursed. The only time I don’t use manufacturer coupons with other stores’ logos on them is when it states “redeem ONLY at a certain store). I think some stores like to make up their own rules 🙁

  5. Is anyone able to load P&G eoffers to their Giant Eagle card? I used to be able to load them from the P&G eSaver site or the Giant Eagle eoffer site, but now I can’t. When I go to the eSaver website it says that there are no coupons available for Giant Eagle. There are 50 coupons available for my Safeway card, but I don’t want to use that card since there are no Safeway stores in Ohio. Did Giant Eagle drop out of the P&G program?

    • I haven’t been on the PGesaver site for a LONG time! I think if you load them from the Giant Eagle site that you aren’t able to load a second set from the PGesaver site so if you already loaded from GE, that may be why. They may have stopped participating as well? I’ll have to check it out.

  6. I have a general question…. sometimes my coupons print and sometimes they don’t off websites like…etc. It will say my coupon printed successfully but it doesn’t. Then another time….it prints no problem…any idea why or whats wrong….thanks…and I did reinstall the program to print coupons b/c i didn’t know if that was the problem.

    • It seems that some others are having trouble printing this morning. It is probably just acting up:( You can try to switch browsers and see if that helps. I usually print from Safari, but give firefox or internet explorer a try too and see what happens:)

  7. I had a $6/1 Prilosec Rite Aid Coupon that printed on my Rite Aid receipt and was able to use it to get a decent deal on my Prilosec purchase!

  8. My GE will no longer stack Catalina and manufacturer coupon. They just updated the systems and said that the Catalina coupons were always suppose to be categorized as manufacturer and have just “fixed” the problem. Anyone else having an issue with this?

    • We haven’t been able to stack them in a while. Most catalina’s say manufacturer coupon at the top and since you can’t stack two manufacturer coupons, you can’t stack these ones. You should still be able to use the cents/dollars off catalinas along with other coupons with no problem. These ones are considered store coupons.

  9. Thank you, I was just a little disappointed. I really enjoyed the great deals. It seems to be getting harder and harder to save anymore.

  10. I have to agree with one of the comments, I have only been shopping at Giant for a few months now and have had a few issues with sale items, things not ringing up correctly or giving me the gas poitns, plus rain checks, etc.. and I have never had anything but a great customer service experience at both my Giant stores and these were from different people working the customer service desk. I am happy to shop there as I know they will quickly fix a problem.

  11. Has anyone had problems with using the smart source internet coupons lately? The coupon that has the big “S” on the right side. I have been told both by the register and the service desk that they will not accept these coupons. Just wondering if others have and what they were told. I now have been told different things to why they cannot accept them and wondered if we need to be concerned. I love couponing and I don’t usually buy unless I have a coupon and a sale. Also, Tammy, I love this site I’d be lost without it!

    • Many stores are refusing the Smartsource coupons because of many fraudulent ones….however the ones with the big “S” are the legit ones. The ones with “Smartsource” written at the bottom are the ones that should not be accepted.

  12. I spoke to customer service today and he said that you can’t use an eoffer and a manufacturer cpn. together. Their policy on eoffers has changed, and they are treating eoffers like manufacturer cpns. I told him if they’re doing that then they should double the eoffer cpn. amt. at the register. Again, I feel like we are all being penalized for “getting something for free” or almost free. I’ve been couponing for a year, but I can tell “coupon people” are not so welcomed when problems arise. Be strong, be courageous, and God Bless!!!!

    • Yes, they stopped allowing the stacking of eoffers and papers a while back….those were the good days when they did allow them to stack! I rarely clip an eoffer unless it’s over $1 or if I have not other coupon for that product. Most of the time we have a paper coupon that will make for a better deal. SavingStar is the same way – although it will still work they do not want anyone stacking them with a paper coupon (except for the offers where you have to buy many products over a period of time – like $5 wyb $20 of select products). The only “stackable” coupon or rebate right now is ibotta.

  13. My question is this…Target has a $10/off food or beverage purchase of $50. Can this be used at Giant Eagle? Am I allowed to use more than one (different shopping trips of course).
    Thanks Tammi – Love your site!!

    • Yes, this should be able to be used with no problems 🙂 I haven’t read the fine print on the coupon but as long as it doesn’t limit it to one per person, then using one each shopping trip should be fine as well!

  14. My GE now will not take the 3.00 off of 15.00 Family Dollar coupons because they said FD is not a grocery store & the other G E by me says they won’t take any internet competitor coupons. Just nother hurdle couponing 🙁

    • You should call CS and let them know which stores are not accepting them – as long as you have a Family Dollar within a reasonable distance then GE should take that coupon with no problems.

      • Thank You Tammy. After the second GE by me refused to take it I thought it was just something new. I think I’ll call tomorrow because there are Family Dollars within 10 miles in any given direction

  15. Hi Tammy,
    My GE has stopped me again after using a smartsource big S (as they call it) coupon. I told them that this is not a counter-fit coupon, it is from a legit site. They pulled out a folder with a 8 x 11 sheet of paper stating how it is. I mention about calling corporate because its not fair how you think this is a counter-fit coupon. They told me they would call since they have gotten a few more lately. Any input for me I would so appreciate. Should I still call or do you think it’s fine if they do and no need to bother. They are all so nice at this GE and it’s one of the bigger ones and I never have problems at this one. I quit a lot of the independent ones because they have so many little rules. Thanks for all you do and I so much appreciate your hard work in all this and I am very grateful and thankful for ladysaving’s site!

    • I would call – I think many GE stores are confused about what is a legit SS coupon and what is a counterfeit one 🙁 It’s such a shame that unethical people make counterfeit coupons which make it hard on the ethical couponers!

      • That’s a good question! They had me watched one time too because they gave me the coupon policy book when I told them I know the rules they insisted on handing me the book. They were saying how I can only use 2 internet coupons in a (24 hr. period). I would not dispute it, I just took the book and made sure I don’t go to that person. I use to split up into 2 transactions to use 4 internet coupons but no more because they now have a paper at all registers with this change on it and with the competitors change too but I was well aware of that one. I shop for my elderly dad who is 88 and now I take him with me and just use his card. Just a shame how crazy this is. Should I mention when I call about the 2 internet coupons in a 24-hr. period or just let that go? Again I think they are trying to be professional but firm on what they think are correct policy.

      • Tammy,
        Someone from the GE customer service is going to call me back. She did tell me they have a right to refuse a coupon and I told her I understood that but to have it in there book as a counterfeit is what I was concerned with! I’ll let you know.

        • Tammy,
          I called GE customer service and sad to say she wasn’t very helpful. She reminded me that they are allowed to refuse any coupons. I only wanted to to clear up the matter so that others would not have problems. We basically got nowhere. A few days later someone from my GE called and was extremely nice to talk with and I explained to her that the site was secure and I also go through Birdseye which sends me to smartsource coupon website. Once she heard Birdseye she insisted I come in and use the coupon and tell the cashier I talked with so in so and they would allowed it. It’s almost like no one wants to go and check the site for themselves to help clear up the matter. I really tried! I am just thankful that it’s not a site that we use often. I have noticed that the site has coupons that does not have the “big S” on them and they have worked just fine.

          • I wish SS would go away and all coupons would be printed thru 🙂 (one reason is my computer usually won’t print SS coupons!). It is strange why they won’t just pull up the site and see that it’s legit and allow the coupon. Also, the cashiers/customer service should know how to spot a fake coupon when it’s really obvious (like free doritos with no other purchase necessary – I remember those ones floating around years ago!). Thanks for the update!! I haven’t couponed too much lately with this cold weather…I might venture out in spring – lol 🙂

  16. this ad for a cat printed…
    Heinz HomeStyle Gravy
    between 3/24/14 and 4/20/14
    buy 2…get .75 oyno
    buy 3 or more…get 1.50 oyno

  17. Their policy throughout is “double” your money back on everything except, Milk & Sour Cream. Giant is a store with Customer Service is First, they just happen to sell food.

  18. Tammy,
    I know you explained this already but I cannot find where it is now so I can reference it.
    It’s about the $3 off when you buy 10 certain items. If buying 20 should I split up my transactions?
    Thank you in advance.

    • Hi Sheri! For Instant Savings, you can usually do multiples in the same transaction with no problems.

      If it’s a catalina (save $3 On your next order), you need to split the transactions since most catalinas say “or more” so if you buy double the amount you still only get a single catalina.

      Be sure to watch the screen when checking out to make sure it gives you the right savings 🙂

  19. Just wanted to brag a little-just really starting back to couponing–GE has
    Total cereal on sale this week 5 for $8—and i have coupons from twenty years ago (26) with no expiration date for $1.00 off. (and yes they have a bar code) I got 10 boxes of cereal for $6.00 which is .60 a box and i gave the rest of my coupons to a friend.

  20. I went to Giant eagle (Shoregate-Willowick) it was such pleasure at the checkout. The cashier her name is Natalie she was awesome. She was very friendly. I really enjoy to do my shopping at that store.
    I like to say Thank you to all Giant eagle employees.

  21. On the Ziploc deal this week, ibotta has 2 offers – buy any 2 Ziploc bag products and get $1, and buy any 2 Ziploc containers and get $1. And as a bonus, if you redeem both offers you get an extra $1!

  22. 10/10/2015 Assistent Manager at Alliance GE informed me that raincheck policy would be changing. New policy: rainchecks only good for 1 month and limit of 5 items.

  23. if i have a printed coupon and it says manufacturers coupon and in the bottom corner it says save a lot, isnt it good?

  24. Hi! For the last several weeks, I have not been able to find the full Giant Eagle Ad Matchups! Have you changed where those are? Do you not do them anymore? Please help….I rely on these lists for my shopping each week!
    Thanks so much!

    • Hi Melissa! We went down to just a “top deals” post for Giant Eagle instead of the full matchup, however, this past week I was not able to do that post since I was is on a little mini-vacation at Disney. Next week we should have a top deals post again!


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