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View the Giant Eagle Category to check out the most recent Giant Eagle Coupon, Deals and Posts! Scroll thru these posts which include ALL Giant Eagle Deals that have been posted including quick coupon deals and full match ups! Or, use THIS LINK (New!) to see a roundup of the current deals!

If you follow my blog daily and want to be sure you didn’t miss anything pertaining to Giant Eagle, simply click this link (or the picture to the left) and scroll thru the posts until you come to the last deal that you have seen!

Giant Eagle Matchups

Unadvertised and Advertised Giant Eagle Matchups

Giant Eagle Weekly Matchups! Here you can find the Weekly Ad Matchups, the Unadvertised Deals Matchups and the Stock-Up Deals Roundup!

I highlight the deals in the lists to make it easy to spot the BEST deals! The Final Prices highlighted in green = Stock-Up Deal and the Final Prices highlighted in pink = Great Deal! Deals that are not highlighted are simply not a great deal in my opinion.


Giant Eagle Weekly Ad

Giant Eagle Ad

View the Giant Eagle ad online!  Scroll thru the weekly circular and see what deals you can spot!  Remember that I only post the coupon deals in the weekly matchup but you may spot other great deals that simply do not have a coupon to match up with the sale!

The Giant Eagle Ad runs from Thursday thru Wednesday.
The NEW ad will be posted on Tuesday!  We usually have the ad a few days early!  See the newest one HERE!


Monthly Catalina deals

Giant Eagle Catalina Deals

Go here to view the current monthly catalinas.  Catalinas are coupons that prints out at the register when you buy specific items.  Example: Buy 3 promise spreads and get $2 OYNO (on your next order). If you buy 3 promise spreads in the same transaction using your rewards card, the catalina machine will print out a coupon stating you get $2 off your next shopping trip.

Remember to only buy what is needed and nothing more.  Buying 4 or 5 promise spreads will still result in a $2 catalina.  If you wanted to buy more, simply do separate transactions.


Giant Eagle Fuel Perks

Giant Eagle Fuel Perks

This program gives you 10¢ off of gas for every $50 you spend at Giant Eagle.  For complete details and FAQ go here. You don’t have to use these each time you get gas!  You can choose to let them accumulate in your account.

Many Bonus Fuelperks Deals are included in the weekly ads!  Be sure to check the match ups for these deals!


Giant Eagle Coupon Policy

Giant Eagle Coupon Policy
The Giant Eagle Coupon Policy was last updated on January 21st, 2014.  You can see the Full Coupon Policy here.

Limit 5 “like” coupon in a 24 hour period.
Limit of 2 “like” Printed coupons in a 24 hour period.
No “Free” (example: B1G1 FREE) Printed coupons are accepted.