Yummy Cheddar Chicken Recipe!


cheddar chicken

I will eat anything if it has Cheddar Cheese on it ūüôā ¬† So this recipe sounds Super Yummy to me!

Cheddar Chicken Recipe:

(no amounts listed since you are simply dipping the chicken into the ingredients)

Chicken Breasts
Cheddar Cheese, shredded

1. Cut Chicken Breasts into pieces with Clean Kitchen Scissors or Knife.
2.  Grind up your Crackers (you can use Club Crackers or whatever kind you have!).  You can put the crackers in a bag and use a rolling pin to crush them!
3. Shred your Cheese (unless you have shredded on hand!)

Now you are ready to set it all up….

Get out 3 bowls –
1 for milk
1 for the Shredded Cheese
1 for the Cracker Mixture (Throw the salt in pepper in this bowl too!)

Get out a pan (or pans if you are cooking many) and spray with cooking oil

Dip the chicken into the 3 bowls in order (milk, cheese then crackers). Place on pan and cover with Aluminum foil.

Cook for 35 minutes at 400 degrees, remove foil and cook an additional 10 minutes until golden brown and  crispy! 

*The originally¬†recipe¬†is on¬†Jamie Cooks It Up.¬† She also includes a sauce to go over the chicken which looks really delicious – My hubby and I would love it ¬†but my kids don’t like any kind of sauce on their chicken.

Thanks Pays 2 Save for this Recipe and Picture!


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