“Where do you get ALL those coupons?” is a question I have been asked many times!  Once you start collecting coupons, you will start seeing them everywhere!(Even in your dreams-ha ha)

Sunday Newspaper

This is where you will get the bulk of your coupons.  Coupons do vary by region.  We have 2 main papers where I live and I usually get both since I never know which one will have the better coupons in them.  My suggestion would be to get around 5 Newspapers each Sunday.  To help determine how many papers you want, you can go online to the Sunday Coupon Preview to see the list of possible coupons.   I will also have a post a few days before Sunday letting you know how many inserts to expect and what some of the HOT coupons are!

Online Coupons-3 main sites

Coupons.com, Redplum.com, and Smartsource.com

On each of these sites, you can print each coupon twice per computer!  You can NOT make copies of the coupons.  Once you print twice per computer, you coupon limit will be reached unless the coupon resets and you can then print it twice more.  In addition to the twice per computer limit, each coupon also has a limit of the total times it can be printed.  Once that limit is reached the coupon will be removed.  So if there is a great coupon, you might want to print it while you can!  Usually at the beginning of the month is when many coupons are removed or reset.  Here is an important tip!  You do NOT have to print in color!  To save on ink, print in black ink only!  Also, to save on paper, use the back of your child’s schoolwork or other papers- they can even be colored papers.

PDF internet coupons

Some coupons will be in PDF form like the recent Scotch-Brite Coupon.   PDF coupons have no print limit per computer!  However, most legitimate coupons are not in PDF form.  This one was legit since it came off of the manufacturer’s website, but  be skeptical if the coupon looks too good to be true!  Many department store coupons will be in PDF format as well.

Other Coupon Sites

Some other great sites for getting coupons are:





These sites do require you to sign-up before printing.  Also, it’s best to check the manufacturers’ websites from your favorite products to see if they offer any coupons.

At the Store

Keep an eye out for any coupons that may be at the store.  Remember, you don’t have to buy the product that day, but you may want to grab a coupon(or a few) and wait for a sale.

Blinkies- this is the little machine that spits out one coupon at a time

Hang Tags– a pad of coupons that you can rip off a few

Peelies– these are found on the actual product- I have to admit, I feel a little weird about taking these unless I’m using them that day.

In the Mail

Many stores will send “store” coupons thru the mail.  Also, when you sign-up to get FREE samples sent to you, the sample  usually comes with a coupon!

At Home

Don’t forget to check inside product packages(especially brownie & muffin mixes).  Many times there will be coupons located  on the box or package so before tossing it into the garbage, look for coupons!

Okay, Now that you getting LOTS of coupons, you are probably wondering WHAT to do with them & HOW to organize them.  Check Back for my next BEGINNER TIPS post where I will explain:)


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