What’s going on with these Giant Eagle eOffers?


We all know that Giant Eagle has added many new eOffers to their website and they are slowly getting a few eCoupons over at Cellfire.com.  However, it looks like many people are having trouble with them coming off of their receipt.

Many stores that have eOffers or Digital coupons do not allow them to be stacked with a paper manufacturer coupon anymore and I’m assuming that Giant Eagle will eventually do the same.  But for now, according to their website you CAN stack the two coupons together.

Here’s what’s stated on their website (I’m copying it directly – even the misspelled words 😉 )

“Can I combine eOffers with other Giant Eagle Advantage Card discounts?
eOffer discounts may be combined with other couons and ofers unless otherwise specified for the eOffer or other coupon, discount or offer.”

When Micki (a fellow GE shopper) contacted Giant Eagle after her eOffers did not come off, Giant Eagle took care of it by mailing her a $10 Gift Card.  They also stated that eOffers can only be redeemed once and could not be combined with a manufacturer’s coupon IF by combining the offers the product ended up being FREE!

If this is what their computers are doing, then it makes sense why eOffers are not coming off for many of us including Shannon, Lori and Amanda. -Thanks guys for letting us know 🙂

I am hoping to be able to shop at Giant Eagle this week since I am feeling a little better after 2 weeks of being sick and I will see if my Giant Eagle’s customer service knows anything about the “no stacking if the item ends up being free policy”

I would definitely print off the eOffers that you add to your card and the eOffers FAQ just in case your they do not come off your receipt you’ll be able to show customer service.  Even if they do not allow coupons to be stacked when making a product FREE, I’ll still be happy getting really cheap items 😉

However, I think they should list this in the eOffers FAQ.

(Thanks for your information Micki!)


  1. the sinex is the only one that would have been free though, the potatoes and muffins would not have been free even after the eoffer. i was thinking about asking someone about it. such a hastle though :/

    • I think I’m shopping today and I’ll see what happens with my eCoupons – Hopefully GE fixes these problems 😀

  2. Hi,

    I contacted Giant Eagle on Monday about 4 different offers that didn’t work on my card. One was the Sinex and they said that there were many, many people who were havign trouble with it. They are sending me a $10 gc as well. Very nice to talk to and great customer service!

    • Jill- Awesome! It’s a good thing so many people are letting them know and that they are handling it so great:) I really do like the customer service for GE most of the time. And, the Cashiers are really great at my GE! I shop both Kroger and GE and there is a huge difference in the friendliness of the cashiers!


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