Giant Eagle (4/2/20 – 4/8/20) – 44 Items on Sale!

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Best Giant Eagle Deals This Week

There is a Giant Eagle ad this week! It’s small (just 2 pages) and stores will NOT have shelf tags marked.

I am not encouraging anyone to go to the store, however, everyone still needs food at this time and still need to save money (maybe now more than ever).

So…I went through curbside and found the items with the biggest savings (percentage-wise) and pictured them below (44 pictures). Check the coupon database if you are wanting to use any coupons.

Double-check these items on your local curbside to see if you have the same price! 

Key: **** Great Deals, ***** Stock Up Deals

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  1. Question – may seem like a silly one but how are you getting the price in red? Ie puffs tissues are $4.99 – if the .50 coupon doubles its $3.99 – you’re listing $2.99. What am I missing?? 😀

  2. There is an e-offer for the small Simply OJ. They are $1 each and the e-offer is 1.99 off two. Pay a penny for two!

  3. This is as real as it gets

    Buy 2 1 lb boxes of arm & hammerbaking soda 89 cent at giant eagle Have both baking sodas on 1 receipt Go to or maybe iys But upload your receipt for about $2 worth of baking soda AND THEY WILL SEND YOU A FIVE DOLLAR GIFT CARD I think its visa gift card Ends early june and you can do it twice so for 4 baking sodas you get $10 WTF

    • KFR is Kellogg’s Family Reweards. You can sign up for free on their site and enter codes to earn points that can be redeemed for coupons.


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