This is working again! Hurry and get a FREE Year of Savings Club!


*UPDATE: This is working correctly now!

The site wasn’t working this morning and there were issues causing some customers to get charged ! At first I just updated my post stating that it wasn’t working but once I found out there was a chance of being charged when it’s supposed to be FREE, I took the post down completely.

NOW is you chance to get a FREE Year of the Savings Club from! Use code BIRTHDAY to get this FREEBIE!

Even if you signed up back in February when they offered this….you could always have your hubby or wife to sign-up for one as well! It’s a limit of 1 per person (not household – YAY) 18 years and older.

You are probably thinking WHY? would you both want to sign up?!
Since you have to sign-in to print these Savings Club Coupons, you can only print each coupon the number of times allowed. You can’t use another computer in your house to grab more prints….it’ll know you already printed them. So if you have 2 accounts, you’ll be able to print from 2 computers!

You will need to put in your Credit Card information but you will ONLY be charged if you don’t cancel after the FREE Year. Once your FREE year is up, you will need to cancel to avoid being charge for an annual subscription. I am scheduling a Reminder post right now so we all don’t forget:) I’ll post it on August 1st of next year to give you plenty of time to cancel! I signed up in February and was fine with giving them my CC info. This is a large, reputable company 🙂

Many times, the Savings Club will have higher value coupons. Two Deals you can score with Savings Club Coupons this month are the FREE Renu at Rite Aid (starts Sunday 9/2) and Cheap Lean Cuisine at Giant Eagle (starts 9/6)


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