SuperPoints – Super Easy way to earn Gift Cards!


Yay!  I got 25 Superpoints in my email today!  This is the second time 🙂 Usually I get 1-5 points everyday so it’s always exciting to get 25!

The main thing I do with SuperPoints is click the the emails to win the amount of points shown AND I like to click the SuperLucky Button.  You can turn your points into Giftcards, Cash (paypal) and MORE!  500 points turns into $5! I plan on collecting Amazon gift cards to use towards Christmas!

If you aren’t doing Superpoints yet, go Here to sign-up.  It’s super easy!


  1. I find it a bit frustrating without having many referrals . I think GiftHulk (240 $ in 2012) and SwagBucks (145 $ in 2012) give more value to my time at the moment.


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