Rock it – Awesome Consignment Event for Girls, Juniors and Ladies


Many consignment sales focus on baby clothes and items, so if you have girls a little older, you are going to love Rock it!

Rock it is a 2-day consignment event for girls, juniors and ladies with new and gently used clothing from name brands, shoes and accessories!  You can save up to 90% off retail prices PLUS they accept cash, debit Visa and Mastercard!

If you have gently used clothes that you or your girls are no longer wanting, now is the perfect time to sell some items and earn some cash.  You will earn 60% for your items.  Want to earn more and shop before the sale opens up to the public?  All you need to do is volunteer your time 🙂

If you are interested in being a Consignor, check out their information page to get all the details!  If you don’t have time to tag your items, they can do it for you and you will still get 50% – great option for busy moms!

You will need to Contact Rock It SOON if you want to be a consignor or volunteer!

October 19th 10am – Midnight
October 20th 10am – 10pm

Iceoplex at  Southpointe

I have 2 daughters (12 & 15) and I am hoping to take them to this event!  I always give my kids a certain amount that they can spend on clothing and let them decide what they want to buy with it….the better shoppers they are the more they get for their money!  I’m guessing they will be able to stretch their dollars FAR at Rock It AND get name brand clothing!

You can head over to their website to get all the details!

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