Price Chopper Weekly (2/5/23 – 2/11/23) Ad Preview

Price Chopper Weekly (2/5/23 - 2/11/23)

Price Chopper Weekly Ad Preview

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  1. I just got back from my last trip to the store before the bad weather sets in. I picked up 3 boxes of Cheerios (1 fruity, 2 plain, from the display at the end of the aisle. When I checked my receipt after getting home, I found I’d been charged 2.99 per box, not the 1.99 advertised. Not cool! I don’t appreciate having to return these, and it will have to wait until the bad weather passes, as this trip to the store is about 18 miles one way. Also, I could not find the good corn tortillas without preservatives which normally reside in the refrigerated section near the cheeses, butter, etc. My trip to Lake Placid was made with this item in mind, so it was very frustrating.


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