PetSmart Weekly Ad (11/2/20 – 12/27/20) Early Preview

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PetSmart Weekly Ad

View the full ✅ PetSmart Weekly Ad for the latest deals on pet supplies! Flip through all of the pages of the PetSmart Flyer. Plan your shopping trip ahead of time and get your coupons ready for new deals with the PetSmart Weekly Ad!

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  1. So I went thru jc penny for boys toys

    Hot wheels
    Mario kart circuit track $59
    City roboshark frenzy play set $20
    Monster truck scorpion $33
    Track builder stunt box
    Sky crash track $37
    Monster truck epic loop
    City set ultimate garage $98
    Track builder unlimited $22
    Drag strip champion play set $24

    Sharper image
    Flip stunt rally vehicle
    Remote control sumo wrestler
    Rem/com pixie car $27

    Power rangers 12.5 beast X king ultraszord $37
    Disney collection 2 piece car track set $27
    Melissa & Doug magic set $29
    Imagine next dc superfriend the transformer is $59 and the Batman $19
    Bumblebee emerging igniter power series $74
    Paw patrol flip & fly transform vehicle 18
    Paw patrol super paws mighty jet $44
    Rise of the teenage mutant ninja turtle $14

    Spider-Man super bolt blaster
    Superman spiderweb slinger $24
    Hasbro Spider-Man w/ cycle $15

    Black series remote control dinosaur $18
    Black series tabletop shooting bear $19
    Lite bright $15
    Star Wars mandalorian $25
    2 tonka steel classic mighty dump trucks one is $26 the other $22
    Mandolorian from Star Wars $25

    They added some new dolls like a doctor Barbie and a Barbie convertible and this Minnie Mouse market stand I didn’t see yesterday for $36

  2. Hey hey hey you can verbally tell ppl about the deals I find but least coupon lady can not take those deals take pics of herself in store like she found the deals and then post them on her site this is why I need my own site I really can not handle people taking credit for my work Krause coupon lady was advertising those Benton fleeces at kohl’s for $39 when I was telling you they were $29 at macys there’s no way she could have found out about those jccpenney deals

    Also maybe a lawyer should tell her she can not steal my ideas and make them her own I could sue them Did she at least shout me out in the post giving me any credit

  3. This is the same group of women calling you all not smart for waving your money and waiting for my deals to come out their the competition


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