Pace Salsa Coupon and Recipe using Deer Meat (or ground beef)!


I buy Salsa with or without coupons since we go thru it so quickly!  My daughter who for the most part eats gluten-free will eat the same lunch and dinner MANY times a week and the recipe takes a jar of salsa!

Right now the Pace Salsa is $2.99 at Giant Eagle, but hopefully we see a sale to grab it for cheaper!

Pace Salsa $2.99 at Giant Eagle
50¢/2 Pace products
Final Price: $2.49 

The recipe that is my daughter’s favorite uses venison (we never call it that….it’s always just deer meat to us).  We will use ground beef if we run out of deer meat, but we drain it very well so it’s not greasy. She prefers the taste of the deer meat.  We don’t have a name for this recipe but it’s kinda like an stuffed pepper without the pepper 🙂

1 lb ground deer meat
1 jar salsa
about 2 cups of cheese (I never measure)
1-2 small onions chopped (I don’t cook the onion but you could)
1 – 1 1/2 cups of rice

Brown the meat and cook the rice.  Then simply mix ALL the ingredients together.  Simple enough 😉  Add some Frank’s Hot Sauce if you like it a little spicy.  My daughter eats hers with tortilla chips.  She seriously loves this stuff!  Plus, if you have a hunter in your family and have lots of deer meat, it’s a frugal lunch or dinner!



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