New Giant Eagle Raincheck Policy

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Giant Eagle Rain Check Policy

Update:  Although Giant Eagle made a new Raincheck policy, they didn’t end up enforcing it at the stores.  It’s up to each store how they want to handle rainchecks.  Many seem to follow the policy below but many others do not.  Be sure to ask your store for details!

A new Rain Check Policy started on October 19th, 2015 at Giant Eagle!  In the past, Giant Eagle did not have an official rain check policy and it seemed like different stores would handle rain checks differently.

Thanks to Alicia and Linda for passing the pictures and information regarding the NEW rain check policy along to me!

You are allowed to use coupons with a raincheck – as long as you stick to the current Giant Eagle Coupon Policy!

You can see the pictures below with all of the details!  The BIG difference is that there is now a limit of 5 items per raincheck.  This goes along with their limit of 5 coupons (assuming you only have $$/1 coupons).

In the past some stores would write expiration dates on rain checks while other stores would not.  All rain checks will now expire 30 days from the issue date.The good news is that they clarified that rain checks should be accepted at any Giant Eagle or Market District store (not just the store where it was issued).

raincheck policy1

raincheck policy


    • It sounds like you can still use them but I personally would use them as soon as possible. Many of the current rainchecks do not have expression dates but I wonder if they will only accept the old ones for 30 days after the new policy starts or if they will accept them at any time since they were originally written with no expiration date. This may depend on how each store wants to handle it.

  1. “””I’ve read through both papers and the one of the things that I’m not clear on is what they mean when they say that rain checks will not be issued for “coupon items that may be out of stock…”. I’m not sure what they mean by “coupon items”?”””

    You are right?? What does that mean?? It usually seems like like you have to get a raincheck b/c of a good deal on an item! But they say you can still use a coupon….but what does that mean? Very confusing!

    • Yes – very confusing 🙂 The good news is that we can still use coupons with rainchecks but it’s hard to tell when they are going to refuse to give a raincheck because it’s a “coupon item”. I’m sure we will have this all figured out by the time this policy starts or soon after. Someone is asking around trying to get clarification on that part.

    • They will still accept the older rainchecks 🙂 Plus, this doesn’t go into affect until 10/19 so we all have a while to use the old ones!


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