New Cellfire Coupons Available and Beginner Tips!


You can Head over to Cellfire to load your rewards card with some new digital coupons! If you are new to digital coupons, they are simply electronic coupons that you add to your store’s rewards card!  Here are some guidelines for Giant Eagle and Kroger:

Giant Eagle
You can add up to a total of 45 eCoupons to your card at one time
eCoupons Stack with manufacturer’s paper coupons (which means you can use both coupons for 1 item!)

You can add as many eCoupons as you want (no limit)
eCoupons do NOT can either use an eCoupon OR a paper coupon

Both Kroger and Giant Eagle
eCoupons DO NOT Double.  A $.50 eCoupon will only deduct $.50
eCoupons come off only once.  If you have a $.50 eCoupon for Bisquik and buy 2 Bisquiks – the eCoupon will only come off for the first one and then be removed.


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