My Coupon Database App for IPhone, IPod Touch or IPad!


After asking (bugging ;-)) my husband to make a coupon database app for me, I’m excited that it’s finally done and ready to use!  If you guys remember my post on Organizing Coupons, you know that I use a binder for my printed coupons, peelies, blinkies, etc.  However, my Sunday Inserts are filed in my binder and the coupons are not cut until I need them.  This helps me Save lots of Time that I would have spent clipping.

When I head to the store, I usually have my shopping list ready along with any coupons I plan on using.  I say usually since there are many times I leave the house totally unprepared 😉
Once I’m at the store if I see an unadvertised sale or something on clearance,  I need to know if I have a coupon somewhere in my binder that I could use to score a great deal!  My only way to do this would be to search online databases which was very time consuming.  Even with 3G or Wi-Fi, it seemed to take forever.  This is why I wanted my husband to create a Coupon Database App!

The Lady Savings Coupon Database lists only the coupons found in the Sunday Papers since these are the only uncut ones you’ll have with you.  I’m guessing most people organize their printed ones in a binder or envelopes.  Even if you cut your Sunday Coupons, this app will let you know if you need to pull out that binder and look thru it!  The best part is that it’s Fast 😀 and you only need network access to download the database once a week.  Once it’s downloaded you can use it at the store or anywhere with no need for internet!  If you want to check it out, search for Lady Savings on the app store.  Right now it’s $.99 and it has no ads on it!

I still have a few more insert to add and the Database will be up to date- working on it now!


  1. This is awesome Tam. I wish I had an iphone so I wouldn’t text you all the time!!! Maybe I will put it on my wish list!!

    • Jenn- You could always get ipod touch if you like the phone you have! At least now I will be faster at texting you back 🙂

  2. Tammy What a great idea. I have been thinking the exact same thing for some time now.I hate the idea that I might be missing out on a deal that I know I have coupons for somewhere. I started off using the binder method where I could take it to the store and see all my coupons but as i started getting several inserts for the same week that method didnt work for me anymore so now i am using the no clip method and have ran into this exact problem.However my coupon collection, between the 3 major inserts (and having multiple of the same inserts each week) have got to be so big there is no way I could have all of them with me at the store. Ho do you transport all of your inserts? And will this app work on an android software like for my HTC EVO phone??Or just IPhones? Great Work BTW!!

    • Thanks Michelle 🙂
      If you click on the link in the post about Organizing Coupons it shows my binder which has the baseball card inserts plus a filing part- when I took the picture it was soon after I stopped clipping so there weren’t many inserts in the filing area. I get around 4-10 papers each week and I’ve been able to keep them all in there (it does get a little heavy at times!). If you get a huge amount, you might want to split them up and keep half at home and half with you so you don’t miss the deals. This app will only work on iphones- Sorry 🙁 If you have an ipod touch – you can download it on there since you only need internet while downloading and updating. So when you are at the store you still have access even without Wi-Fi!

  3. I would like to say… I’m reading the reviews on this app. Can your husband add a section where we select coupons we have and the ability to deplete as they are being used.

  4. Jenn – We are talking about adding additional features and releasing it for the new year. Thanks for the feedback:)


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