More Stockpile Pictures!


*sorry – these pictures got lost when moving to a new server 🙁
Wow!  Jenn just showed me that you CAN build a stockpile quickly if you want to(:  I’m thinking she must have worked really hard getting all these deals – I LOVE the fact that she has a goal in mind and that using coupons and stockpiling is going to help her achieve it!  Awesome Job(:

Jenn: “I’ve only been couponing since the beginning of summer! Can you believe it?? My reason for couponing is because I recently started school and would only be working 3 days a week compared to 6 days a week. Also I’m planning my wedding for next year. So I needed to save all the money I could!!”

(Thanks, Jenn!!)

Make sure to click below to see the rest of the pics!


  1. Well I spent about 20-30 hrs a week couponing at first (now about 15 hrs a week bc of school) and honestly I have 0 hobbies! So this is my hobby and what I like to do for fun haha Also the walmart by me WAS doubling coupons (they are no longer) which helped me snag lots of free stuff!!

  2. this looks eerily like my stockpiles… cept mine are more hoarder like so I’ll never take pictures lolol

  3. People said that to me too so I donated stuff haha but in reality I was trying to stock for a 1yr to 2 yrs on some stuff

  4. I would like to say…There’s really nothing wrong with stockpiling–hoarding though is scary! lol I’m working on cleaning out my freezer so my Christmas cookies will fit! Great pictures of an organized stockpile though!


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