• I read over at cherry picker (i think in the past week or two) that if you load too many they won’t come off. I think she said around 50?? We definitely don’t have to worry about that with cellfire- they give only a few eCoupons for GE….but for the eOffers on the GE website, I would load only the ones you might use.
      I think they just don’t have their computer systems working too well 😉 Until they do, I would print and take you eCoupons with you and show customer service if they don’t come off. I Love Their Customer Service 🙂

  1. I’ve been using paper coupons for about four months now, and I’m wondering about the Cellfire and eCoupons program that GE has. There are others I’ve found, too, that you add things to your card.
    Can a person use all of these programs on one card, or just one? Like, am I limited to just choosing one of these to use on the card?
    A friend of mine saw a lady leaving the store one day, and she said her cart was filled to the top, and she paid nothing.
    How is that accomplished? Anybody know?
    I get great deals, and even moneymakers, but have never gotten a full cartload!
    Which site is it that pays for schooling if you want, or you can use the money for whatever you want,(I can’t recall which one that is..” Can that be used also with the others? Is it legal to do that stuff?
    All info. appreciated! Sunshine


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