Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas from my family to yours!  I hope you are enjoying your day with your family!  Our presents are opened and breakfast has been eaten.  I think my youngest daughter’s favorite gift was her heated blanket.  She is now asleep on the couch!  We took the above picture on Christmas Eve at my mom’s house before opening presents… I think we are all worn out from Christmas Eve and Christmas Morning.  All the moms and dads out there are probably tired from ALL December 😉  When my alarm went off this morning I couldn’t remember what it was set for?  I was thinking do the kids have school?!  And then it hit me…..It was Christmas morning 🙂


  1. I think it is funny that you had to set an alarm. We had our five “alarms” standing in our room sounding off at 7 am demanding we get up.

  2. Thanks guys! My son wasn’t cooperating very well with taking a picture….my daughter said I should just cut him out – haha. I couldn’t do that! We have my mom and dad come over to watch the kids open presents so we set the alarm to get up in time. My son was still sleeping when they got there and we had to knock a few times just to wake him up 🙂 Our little “alarms” used to wake us up…how blessed you are to have 5! Have you guys seen the Giant Eagle ad yet? All those fuel perks deals on PG items? Wowwee…I hope my math is okay and I don’t fall asleep while working on them 😉


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