Many things to do with all that FREE Body Wash!


If you have been couponing for a while, one thing is for certain, You have TOO MUCH BODY WASH! 😀

After replying to a comment about getting FREE Bodywash at Giant Eagle this week and joking (kinda) that I would need to sneak it by my husband since he would not be happy if I brought any more Body Wash into the house, I decided to google other uses for Body wash.  Here’s what I found:

**Refill your Soap Dispenser
When you run out of your pump hand soap simply refill it with body wash.  Add a little water if it’s too thick!

**Playtime Fun for Children
Mix body wash and water in a big bowl, give kids a flyswatter (preferably a new one ;-)) and let them dip it into the mixture then swing the flyswatter around creating lots of bubbles.

**Clean Mirrors and Windows
Mix a few drops of body wash and a quarter cup of water, place in a small spray bottle to clean mirrors and windows.

**Sanitize combs and brushes
Mix body wash and water, add one half capful of bleach to clean and sanitize combs and brushes!

Use body wash instead of shaving cream to shave your legs!

**Bubble Bath
Make an awesome smelling bubble bath by using body wash – and with all the FREE Body wash, kids will be excited when you allow them to make HUGE Bubble Baths 😀

**Cleaning Toilets and Countertops
For a quick clean-up throughout the week simply squirt a little body wash onto the bathroom countertop and wipe with a damp cloth or squirt into the toilet and swish around with a toilet brush!

**Giving Dogs a Bath
If you dog just needs to get cleaned and doesn’t need the flea & tick shampoo, you can use body wash and your dog will smell awesome 🙂  (just make sure that your dog doesn’t have sensitive skin!)

**Slip ‘n Slides
It’s al ittle too cold for this (at least in the North) now, but in the summer, help the kids go extra fast on slip ‘n slides by squirting the plastic with lots of body wash!

If you have any other ways to use up body wash please leave a comment.

(Thanks in part to LifeStyle )


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