Kroger Shopping Trip plus some deals with Giant Eagle and Walmart Comparisons


Kroger Shopping trip

I wanted to show you guys what my “normal” Kroger Trip looks like.  I do the majority of my couponing at Giant Eagle, however I get most of my milk, fruit & veggies at Kroger….Plus I grab a few deals with coupons when I’m there 🙂

To save money, I try to buy the fruits & veggies that are on sale but that doesn’t always happen so I like to think that I save on other items to be able to splurge a little on healthy foods!  This total trip was $70.68….so definitely not a “coupon high” trip…..but that’s okay 🙂

That little ugly thing in the bottom left-hand corner is a ginger root…..anyone else LOVE these things ?

Below are a few deals I found while at Kroger. When leaving to go shopping, I only grabbed the coupons I wanted to use and left my binder at home so I wasn’t able to score all of the deals below…..

Freschetta Pizza $5.99
$2/2 Freschetta Coupon (zip 99218)
Final Price: $4.99
These are $6.99 at Giant Eagle right now and $5.27 at Walmart (BEST) (Thanks James!)

Stride  gum $1
50¢/1 Printable (zip 62946)
Final Price: FREE
Giant Eagle has Stride ID gum for $1.39 = 39¢ each

Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips $1.59 (clearance)
50¢/1 Green Giant Veggie Snack Chips
60¢/1 Printable Coupon (Thanks Dana!)
Final Price: 59¢!   
*HOT Deal!  I’m not sure of the price at Giant Eagle plus I’m not sure why these are on clearance? This is a pretty new product!

Betty Crocker Supreme Brownie Mixes $1.49 (clearance)
75¢/2 Betty Crocker Dessert Mix
Final Price: $1.12 each wyb 2!
*Remember that you may not find the same clearance deals at your store, but it’s worth taking a look!

Cool Whip $1.79
z/29761/CD11270/cid=17755377″>$1/2 Cool Whip Whipped Topping 8 oz
Final Price:  $1.29 each wyb 2
Giant Eagle has this for $1.69 and Walmart has it for $1.58 (BEST)

Jell-O Gelatin Big Packs $1.25
z/29761/CD11270/cid=17755378″>$1/2 JELL-O Gelatin and Pudding Mix
Final Price: 75¢
Giant Eagle has these for $1.69, Walmart has them for $1.18(BEST)

Jell-O Pudding Big Packs $1.35
z/29761/CD11270/cid=17755378″>$1/2 JELL-O Gelatin and Pudding Mix
Final Price: 85¢
Giant Eagle has these for $1.69, Walmart has them for $1.28 (BEST)

Kraft Macaroni & Cheese $1
z/29761/CD11270/cid=17755184″>$1/3 Macaroni & Cheese Dinners
Final Price:  67¢ (BEST)
Giant Eagle has these for $1.79 (they were on sale recently), Walmart has them for $1.28


  1. Yeah for healthy food – fruits and veggies! I agree I like to be able to spend more on these good choices by saving on the other things we eat. It all balances out in the end. Thanks for sharing!
    And I used the app this week for my GE shopping on my iPhone! Love it- I could use my phone to mark what I was interested in on the matchup, send it to my email, and when I had time I could look thru it and see what coupons I had to print or get out of my binder. Then while shopping I just brought up the email to make sure I had what I wanted- easier than writing it down! Since then I was still needing to go back and forth to the site to find which coupons I wanted and exactly what to buy to get the best deals. You make life easier for my couponing style! Thanks again!

    • Thanks Christy! I just read your comment to my husband:) He spent a lot of time working on it so I get excited to pass along nice comments to him!

    • 🙁 It looks like it’s gone! I almost always put the CID# (coupon id #) in the link so it will go straight to the coupon. When the coupon needs a specific zip, you’ll need to refresh the page to get the coupon to pop up so if it doesn’t then it’s more than likely gone. Bummer! I didn’t even get time to print from my kids’ computers…Thanks for letting us know that it’s gone!

    • Thanks Dana! I’ll add that in 🙂 My Kroger only doubles up to 50¢ coupons (which is why I coupon at GE – haha)

  2. With all of the good creamer deals and frozen stockpile that I have (apparently had), I can’t believe I even need this, but I stumbled across a 55 cents off International Delight creamer on today, and printed one but lost it. If anyone finds it again, please let me know zip code. Just checked tonight and ID is 2/$5, so this is one to print and wait for a sale.


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