Kmart Doubling Coupons on Friday (12/16), Select Stores!


Attention Kmart Shoppers…tomorrow, select Kmart stores will be having a double coupon event.  Coupon with a value up to $2 will double (overage will NOT be given so if you use a $2 coupon on a $3 product, it will only take off $3 and not $4).

*Limit 5 coupons per day and only 1 per item
*You will need to scan your shop your way rewards card
*You must have a minimum of $25 in groceries and pharmacy items before coupons are scanned in order for them to be doubled.

Here’s a few of my favorite Deals, but be sure to head over to Cuckoo for Coupon Deals to check out her whole list~

Excedrin PM, Express Gels, 20 ct, $3.99
$2/1 Excedrin Product, 20 ct or larger from 12/4 SS
$1.50/1 Excedrin PM 20 ct or larger Printable 
Final Price:  as low as FREE!

*not all Kmart Stores are participating.  As in the past, many stores will not know if they are or aren’t!


  1. When you say 5 coupons per day, do you mean on 5 “like” coupons per day and 1 coupon per item? Thanks a bunch!

    • It’s a total of 5 coupons per day and they must all be different. So you can get 5 different products and use 5 coupons per day as long as you buy $25 worth of groceries or pharmacy items. This small limit makes it not worth the trip to go there in my opinion. However, if you are going anyway, then you can get a few great deals:)

  2. I would like to say…Do you mean, since all stores are ot included, we might go into Kmart thinking we will get 5 coupons doubled and when we get to checkout, they might not be? Will there be signs posted? Do the registers just automatically do it? Sorry. I don’t like it when a store leaves so many unanswered questions like whether they will be participating.

    • There is no list of participating stores. My local store usually participates, however, nobody working there usually even knows about it! It’s crazy:) I went over to their Facebook to see if I could find out anything else and they pretty much said that there is no list and everyone just has to call their local Kmart. If they didn’t make us buy $25 of grocery/pharmacy items in order to get 5 doubled coupons, it would be easy to run in and grab one product to try it out. But, it will be a pain to get $25 worth of items (plus making sure they are items you need and a good deal) just to find out if your store is or isn’t participating:( Their Facebook page is here:


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