Jimmy Dean Sausage Coupon = HOT Deal at Giant Eagle!


jimmy dean at Giant Eagle

I’m working on the Giant Eagle deals with the 4/6/14 Red Plum and Smart Source Insert Coupons right now but wanted to get this HOTTIE out to you guys right away in case someone was shopping this morning 🙂

Get a great deal on the Jimmy Dean Fully Cooked Sausage Links with the 55¢/1 Jimmy Dean coupon that doubles (I checked!).  This coupon does state “limit 1 coupon per person and per transaction”. (Really Jimmy Dean?!  Just ONE?!)

Giant Eagle Deal with Jimmy Dean Sausage Coupon

Jimmy Dean fully cooked patties or links as low as $1.89 for 8ct.
$.55/1 Jimmy Dean Sausage Coupon from 4/6 RP (exp 5/4/14) – limit 1 coupon
Final Price: 79¢

Stay tuned for the other deals using the insert coupons! I just posted the “Stock-Up Deals” Round-up this morning so be sure to check it out before shopping!


  1. One other question, any age limit for the “customer?” Can my kids count I know, I’m pushing it, but my hubby isn’t allowed to shop (my rule). I want to make sure I’m ethical though.

  2. Jackie, I had to chuckle when I read about not allowing your husband to shop. Does he have a little trouble restraining himself?

  3. I think these are in the refrigerated section if I remember correctly. Near the bacon, hot dogs, lunch meat, etc.
    I would say that kids count – as long as they are using cash (if you are swiping the CC, then GE will probably consider you the customer). Since the limit is also 1 per transaction, your kids would have to do a separate transaction.
    I’d love to know why your husband can’t shop too 🙂 I know mine sometimes comes home with a ton of meat and then I’m left separating and freezing it – lol!

  4. Thanks!

    Yes, the one time he went shopping, he came home with a ton of stuff, most not on sale, and didnt use any coupons. Then he asked me if i was embarrassed using coupons, and said he would be. One other time i sent him to buy a pack of diapers from walgreens. Gave him coupons for pampers and my card and told him whichever coupon matches the pack, just hand to the cashier. He hands all the coupons over and tells the cashier he has no clue what to do with them.

    • LOL! I guess it’s better to leave him at home 🙂 My hubby does pretty well with using coupons but he just gets too much meat!

  5. Don’t worry. My husband would do the exact same thing. He’s always saying I need to buy more meat. My response is you buy me a stand alone freezer, and I’ll buy you all the meat you want (when its on sale of course. But he doesn’t need to know that part).


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