InboxDollars: $5 Sign-up bonus

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I don’t post about many survey companies, however, InboxDollars has a $5 Signup Bonus right now so it was worth posting!

Since it’s FREE to join and you get $5 just for signing up, it’s a perfect time to see if this is a good fit for you 🙂  You will get paid to read emails, take surveys online, play games and go shopping!  I used to think that most people didn’t like taking surveys until my friend told me that she LOVES to take them 🙂

I wonder what kind of games they pay you to play?!  If someone would pay me to play Ruzzle, I’d be rich – lol 🙂

Has anyone signed up with InboxDollars in the past?  Let us know what you think!


  1. I don’t supppose you know anything about their surveys? I tried doing erewards. I would spend my time trying to answer their supposed survey questions and then I would get to the demographic part and they would ask about income. There was no way around it and there was no prefer not to answer box. So all my time went down the drain and I never got anything for it. I was not telling my income.

    • I don’t know about their surveys. I wouldn’t want to give out too much info on surveys either! I spend so much time on the computer working on GE deals and the blog that I don’t usually do these types of things.

  2. im a memeber most of the surveys are to long and you dont get paid a lot all sometimes .50 lol ive been a member for over 3 yrs and only have $15.00 in my account. I hardley ever check my email so i dont read the ones they send you but you only get .02 anyways and only i think 3 a day. But if you print off coupons from their site you get i think .10 back in you account once the coupon is used. There are lots of games and other things they pay you for so it is good if you have time but with 4 kids and a husband i dont have time lol


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