How to Use the Coupon Database App


You may have heard of the Coupon Database App by Lady Savings for the iPhone and iPod Touch.  I recently had a few reviews from people that were confused about what the app does so I want to make sure that I clarify what it is and what it is not.  I tried responding to their reviews but my responses never got posted (My hubby is thinking since my screen name is Lady Savings that it’s not letting them go thru??)

The Coupon Database App is just that – a Database of Coupons (from the Sunday inserts).  The one review asked if people were just too lazy to look in the Sunday paper (this part actually made me chuckle!).  Can you imagine finding an item on clearance at the store and sorting thru a few months of inserts?  It’s easier for those who file their coupons to find them once at the store, however, this takes sooo much time at home to organize them! Even with them filed in a binder or envelopes, the app is still a time-saver since you can search to see if there is a coupon available from the paper before digging thru all your coupons.  If you have a printable for that item – you more than likely know that you have it and probably even know the amount it’s worth! (I can’t remember what I was wearing yesterday, but I can tell you I have a few $.75/1 Roman Meal Bread Coupons that I printed a couple weeks ago!)

What the App is great for:

*Looking up Coupons while in the Travel Size Section of stores to see if any items would be FREE or Really Cheap! – I list if the coupon Excludes Travel or Trial Sized items (ETS), but, you’ll always want to double check your coupon before using it.

*Looking up Coupons when you come across an unadvertised sale or clearance items! – Hopefully these items will have coupon match-ups to sweeten the deal.

*Looking up Coupons for those last minute items you throw in your cart…..these are usually those impulse buys and are more than likely items that will have a coupon!

*Looking up Coupons after taking your kids to the doctor and needing to buy a specific over the counter product.  Don’t you hate when you have many medicines in your cupboard and you have to Buy a different one!

*For those who don’t print coupons, You can see what insert coupons are available without viewing all the printable ones as well.

*We do not have advertisements on the App – we wanted it to have a clean and simple look and not have ads flashing while you are trying to search for coupons. I get easily distracted so this is especially important to me!

*This App Does not need  internet to search for coupons.  You don’t have to worry about using your data plan or having an ipod without internet access while shopping.  We suggest using wi-fi once a week to download the newest database.  I usually have the coupons updated by Sunday night.

What the App Does not do:

*The App does Not generate coupons to be scanned at checkout.  It will tell you if there is a coupon for a specific product and in which insert you can find it.

*The App does Not list printable coupons – this App is intended to be used mostly while at the store (I also use it sometimes while doing match-ups at home).  I only wanted it to list coupons that you have with you while shopping.

*This App does not allow you to add additional coupons that you may have printed, found on hangtags,  got in mail, etc.  I wanted my hubby to make an App that didn’t create work for the person using it.  I add all the Sunday coupons weekly and all you have to do is click on the “i” icon in the bottom right-hand of your iphone/ipod screen to download the newest database!

Tips for Searching the Database:

*You do not need to type the whole name of the product.  Typing “Kra” will bring up all Kraft items and any other items (if there are any) that have the letters Kra in a row.

*Type one word instead of a few.  Typing Kraft will bring up all Kraft items and you can easily spot Kraft Cheese if that’s what you are looking for.  If you search for Kraft Cheese, It will not find Kraft Shredded Cheese since the two words are not side by side. (I need to tell hubby to fix that!)

Hope you guys find some great deals using this App and it makes your couponing easier!


  1. Sorry Chris…just iphone/ipad/ipod touch for now. We are working on android right now and it should be out soon…but not blackberry:(

  2. You’ve got my business if you can get it working for android! I’ve been searching for something like this. Anyway to let me know when it’s available in the android market?

  3. Which newspapers do you buy? I’ve noticed that some of my coupons are in the database and some are not. I know that all coupons vary by area and newspapers, so it would be great to know which newspapers you get. Thanks! & I love you app!! It does make it very easy when I’m at Kroger and see the Manager’s Special buggy.. I can quickly see if I have a coupon to make the items cheap or even better FREE!! 🙂 Thanks again!!

  4. Hi Hillary – I buy the Pittsburgh Post Gazette and the Washington Observer. After entering all the coupons that I see in my paper, I head over to the Sunday Coupon Preview to see if there were any expected that I didn’t get and enter those as well. However, there are times that other areas get a coupon that I don’t know about. I thought about setting up a facebook page or just asking people to email if they have a coupon that isn’t listed in the database… Anyway, it’s always best to use the least amount of letters when searching. I wasn’t thinking the and typed Loreal and it only found 1 coupon (that’s because I forgot the apostrophe in 1). I knew there were many but since I didn’t type it with the apostrophe it wouldn’t work. I tried “oreal” an found them All! Thanks 🙂

  5. Thanks!! That’s very helpful!! I was just searching L’oreal the other day and couldn’t find but one coupon!! So now I know!! I love your app though!! Thanks for all the time you put into it!! You are a huge help to me because I do the file method AND the binder method. So it would take forever to go through everything that’s in my huge file box!! 🙂 THANKS!!!!

  6. I would like to say….

    Hey Lady Savings, I have an idea for you regarding the upgrading of this application. IT’s a MASSIVE undertaking unless you or I can find great app programmers. Maybe you’re that person who can undertake this project with my assistance/guidance. I can tell you, it’s the one stop, one transaction, EASIEST coupon application that is all inclusive and will provide the interface to maximize efficiency for everyone who wants to use it. I have a background in Info Tech and have real connections in the REAL WORLD. I have access to database techs, analysts and others to make the project happen. Since yours was the first and only site that I clicked on (not to mention I see you’ve done work on this initial app you’ve developed), I’m giving you first dibs to get in on this. Please email me and we can go from there. From there, I’ll give you my contact info and we can talk. I’m sure we can imagine a project that would take shape very quickly. I’m a real person, with a real job, with great ideas and great creativity. At the least, give it a listen.


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