How To Use Coupons with a B1G1 FREE Sale at Giant Eagle!


*The Giant Eagle deals pictured above and used as examples below are now over.  So be sure to just think of these as examples when reading about how to use coupons with a B1G1 FREE Sale at Giant Eagle!

In the new Giant Eagle ad, we have TONS of B1G1 FREE Deals.  These types of deals can be very confusing to new couponers or even advanced couponers that aren’t familiar with the policies at different stores!  I wanted to take a minute and explain how B1G1 FREE Sales work at Giant Eagle when using coupons 🙂  Click below!

Keep in mind that this post is ONLY about the buy ONE, get ONE Free deals.  The Buy TWO, Get ONE Free or Buy FOUR, Get ONE Free Deals are different (usually) and you HAVE to buy all the items to get the “deal”.  In the past we were still able to use a coupon for EACH product though 🙂

  1. B1G1 FREE = “Half-Off”
  2. No need to buy multiples of 2
  3. 1 Coupon can be used for EACH item
  4. B1G1 FREE Sale + B1G1 FREE Coupon will not make for 2 FREE items

Giant Eagle rings up their B1G1 FREE deals at HALF-PRICE…..plain and simple 🙂  You do not have to buy multiples of 2….each item will be half price regardless of how many you buy.  Since EACH item is half-price, you are PAYING for each item (you aren’t paying full price for anything and you aren’t getting anything for $0).  I LOVE That!!

Why does that matter you ask?

Since we are paying for each item, we can also use a coupon for EACH item.  If I buy 2 Ristorante Pizzas as pictured above, I can use (2) Ristorante Pizza Coupons.  They each will ring up at $2.99 and each coupon will deduct $1 from the price of the Pizza.  If Giant Eagle would ring them up differently and charge you FULL price for the first one and $0 for the second, you would only be able to use (1) coupon….afterall, how could you deduct $1 from something that cost $0?!

Ristorante Thin Crust Pizza B1G1 FREE (reg. $5.99) = $2.99 EACH
$1/1 Ristorante Pizza Printable 
Final Price: $1.99

This works out SUPER AWESOME in MOST cases….I don’t want Giant Eagle to change a thing!

However, there are very few cases where the other way would work out better.  For example, the Aquafina Sparkling Water pictured above  is $.50 each  (reg. $1 but the B1G1 FREE sale makes it $.50).  We have a B1G1 FREE coupon to use for this deal.  At many stores when you combine a B1G1 FREE Sale with a B1G1 FREE coupon, you get them both for FREE. However, at Giant Eagle since the deals ring up at half-off, you will pay $.50 for 1 and get the second 1 for FREE with the coupon (a coupon savings of $.50).  That’s still a GREAT Deal (not 2 for FREE…but still GREAT!).

Aquafina Flavor Splash Sparkling Water B1G1 FREE (reg. $1) = 50¢ EACH
B1G1 FREE Aquafina flavorsplash sparkling bottle from 01/26 SS  (will deduct $.50)
Final Price: 25¢ each!

  • The “rules” above do NOT apply to fresh meat.  When Steaks, Pork Chops, etc. are on sale for B1G1 FREE, you PAY for the most expensive one and the 2nd, (cheaper) one, is Free.


  1. the only thing i hate about there B1G1 ringing up at half off, is when you have a coupon for a free product and they are B1G1 you only get one free still.

    • Most of the times you can use a coupon for all 3 items on a B2G1 FREE deal. Giant Eagle rings up all of the items and then deducts the amount. For example, if each item was $2, GE would ring up $2 X 3 = $6 and then they would deduct $2 = $4 for all 3. So, it’s more like a “Buy 3 and Save $2 instantly sale” and since they are ringing up each product, you can use a coupon for each product. At least, this is how they have always done it in the past and we never know when things could change 🙂

      • if it’s a buy 2 get 1 free the usual way they rin is the savings come off the thrird item making it free and according to ge coupon policy you can’t use a coupon on a free item.

    • Yes, GE rings up their products at half-off. The B2G1 FREE sales are different – you have to buy all 3 products for those kinds of deals

  2. “Buy FOUR, Get ONE Free Deals are different (usually) and you HAVE to buy all the items to get the “deal”. In the past we were still able to use a coupon for EACH product though” this statement is against ge coupon policy which states you can not use a coupon on free items !!

    • For the B2G1 FREE deals, Giant Eagle actually rings up all of the products at the full price and then they give a store credit for the price of 1 item. For example, if the items were $2.50 each, they would ring up all 3 items at $2.50 = $7.50 and then they would give a store credit of $2.50….so it’s more like “Buy 3 and save $2.50 instantly”. Most Giant Eagle’s allow a coupon for the “free” item since it’s not really “free” (it is entered at the full price), however, you store could be different so be sure to ask your local store. It’s the same concept as the B1G1 FREE sales. Even though GE lists one item as “free”, it’s not really free since they just take half the money off each product and they do allow a coupon for each. Giant Eagle could change the way they ring up things at any time. My local Kroger rings up B1G1 FREE sales at full price for the first item and $0 for the second item, so I’m only able to use 1 coupon when shopping there since 1 item is actually free 🙂 Hope that makes sense!


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