Hot Deals in the Shop n Save Weekly Ad!


Kraft Cheese at ShopnSave

 The NEW Shop n Save weekly ad (5/1 -5/7) has a few great deals that are worth mentioning!  I was hoping that Giant Eagle would have the Kraft Cheese on sale but it’s not in the new ad (there is still a chance it could be unadvertised).  However, if you have a Shop n Save nearby you may be able to score Kraft Cheese for only $1.50 each!!

Keep in mind that Shop n Save ads vary by location.  This ad includes parts of Western PA and Northern WV.  Be sure to check your local ad to see if these deals are included!

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Kraft Block Cheese $2 each wyb 2
$1/2 Kraft Cheese Coupon (zip code 77477 if needed)
Final Price:  $1.50 each wyb 2
*Thanks Dianne!!

tonys pizza at Shop n Save

Tony’s Pizza $2.50
75¢/2 Tony’s Pizza Printable Coupon (zip 60629)
50¢/1 Tony’s Pizza Printable Coupon (zip 60629) 
Final Price: As low as $1.50
*if your Shop n Save doubles internet coupons

Crystal Light at shop n Save

Crystal Light Drink Mix $2.99 (-$3 wyb 3) = $1.99 each
$1/2 Crystal Light drink mixes from 04/27 SS (05/31/14)
Final Price: $1.49 each wyb 6 and use 3 coupons!

Crystal Light On The Go $1.99 (-$3 wyb 3) = 99¢ each
$1/2 Crystal Light drink mixes from 04/27 SS (05/31/14)
Final Price:  49¢ each wyb 6 and use 3 coupons!
*these are on sale in the new Giant Eagle ad for $2 ($1.5o after coupon!)

Kool-Aid Drink Mix $2.49 (-$3 wyb 3) = $1.49
$1/2 Country Time or Tang drink mixes from 04/27 SS (05/31/14) (IF included!)
Final Price: 99¢ each wyb 6 and use 3 coupons – only if Country time or Tang is included!

I think 99¢ for the Crystal Light on the Go is an awesome price even without coupons!



  1. I have a brand new Shop n Save opening near me (Irwin, PA area) on May 1st! I do double coupon deals at Giant Eagle and am planning on checking out the new Shop n Save also. I was disappointed to see that Shop n Save doesn’t double internet coupons 🙁 I also can not find any good sites that have coupon match ups like you do with Giant Eagle. I use your Giant Eagle match ups every week! I appreciate you putting these recent shop n save deals on your site. If you know of any good shop n save coupon match up sites, let me know. I found one site but it turned out it was for Missouri! I guess there are different shop n save stores based on areas of the country. I am in the western PA area. Thanks for all you do to save us money!

    • Hi Kathy! You are right – there are no blogs that do SNS match ups….at least not as in-depth as I do with the GE deals. I would say that they are one of the few big stores that don’t have many blogs that cover them. I think the reason is because their ads vary so much by region AND they do not have a national coupon policy so every store is different on what they take and what limits they set. My local store in Weirton WV doesn’t double internet coupons either but others have told me that their stores do double both insert and printable coupons (Maybe the Imperial store in Western Pa?). I am so glad that GE’s ad is pretty much the same at all the stores (we sometimes see slightly different prices on pop and dairy) and that they have a corporate coupon policy.

    • Hi! I live near Irwin, PA and my local Shop n Save in Haymaker Village (right outside of Monroeville, near Trafford) does double internet coupons. Also, check out…she does Shop n Save matchups, although not every week (usually when there are some really good deals!) and Tammy is right, they are not as wonderfully in-depth as the matchups on this site :). Also, my Shop n Save allows you to stack their ecoupons with clipped or printed manufacturers coupons…I’ve gotten some really great deals there that way!

  2. I don’t know of any sites either. But you should check out aisle51. It’s a website and app that shop n save is a part of. Instead of using coupons and paying at the store, they have select items on there at discounted rates. You pay for it before you go to the store. Then when you check out and scan your loyalty card, it comes right off. The discounts are usually 50% off. (Sometimes they have free items up). You can’t use coupons with the items, but you can sometimes find some good deals on there.


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