Head & Shoulders Shampoo at CVS


Have any of you guys tried the Head & Shoulders Deal at CVS yet?  Their 3-day sale will be going on thru tomorrow (7/3).  When Seth did the deal buying the 23.7oz bottles ($6.50 each), the B1G1 FREE coupon from the 7/1 PG automatically took off $9.50 (the max. amount allowed by coupon) and even though Seth told the Manager he said because it automatically put in the total amount allowed by the coupon there wasn’t any way they could change it!

The coupon shouldn’t work that way but for some reason it did?!  Has anyone else used their coupon and had the same experience?

I’m in no way telling you guys to try and get the H&S coupon to take off $9.50 instead of $6.50 – but I know Seth is an honest couponer and telling the manager was the right thing to do!  I’m just wondering if this coupon is coded weird and is taking of $9.50 at all stores no matter what size/price item you buy….that could get a little crazy!

Thanks Seth!


  1. I went to CVS and purchased the bigger bottles this morning and used 2 BOGOS and they did take off 9.49 x 2. I also had some $2 off CVS coupons that I was going to use on the Pantene but this was a better deal. I was told the same thing by the manger, I then ran out the store, got into my car and started nervously laughing! I’m in the Columbus area. It’s a crazy deal though. You have to see it to believe it. I also picked up one small neive tins priced at .99 and got $2 ECB’S!! Great Monday!!!

  2. Since the P&G coupons are now coded in the GS1 format I’m thinking they goofed up on the coding of this coupon.

  3. I bought two of the smaller bottles (maybe they were two for $9? Not sure where the receipt is right now), & the coupon knocked off $9.

  4. My store manager always catches it and he knows how to adjust the coupon down.

    BTW the nivea tin deal is over. Worked Monday, did not work Tuesday.


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