Grand Opening!!!! Good Cents Grocery Store!


I was asked to visit the Good Cents Grocery store with some other bloggers today!  The store opens for the first time tomorrow on McKnight Road in Pittsburgh!  The Good Cents Grocery Store is owned by Giant Eagle and some would say it’s similar to an Aldi Store.   There are some similarities including bagging your own groceries (I don’t mind that at all) and bringing your own reusable bags (if you forget, you can purchase plastic bags for 5¢ or reusable bags for 75¢).  They also have many store brand items at a great price.  One difference that I liked was not having to pay 25¢ for a buggy.  I also like the way Good Cents felt more like a regular grocery store.

My favorite part was the produce section.  I am a HUGE fruit and vegetable lover and although I can get great prices on many items, fruit and vegetables always take up a big part of my grocery bill. I was AMAZED at some of their prices for produce…..and many of these aren’t just a weekly special but an everyday price!  Bananas for only 28¢ a pound!  That means I can get almost 2 times the amount of bananas for the same price I’m paying now!  A 3lb bag of onions for only 99¢ – that’s CRAZY!!  Plus, their Fruit and Veggies look really good!

They only have items that will sell quickly and that they can sell at a great price…..that is just perfect for me since I never know what to do with all those uncommon vegetables!

I know you are wondering…..Do they take COUPONS?!  Yes!  They do 🙂  However, they do not double and they do not take printed coupons (I was Bummed about that!).  While walking around the store I noticed lots of tearpad coupons located on displays!  Be sure to only take a few and leave some coupons for others!  I think you will be able to score some really great deals by using coupons, however, this is also a great store to shop at without coupons (gasp!  Can you believe I said that!).  I probably will be sending my hubby in weekly for fruit, veggies, meats and cheese!

I liked that the endcaps had 1 item on them and a LOT of it!  For example, they had cheap Libby’s Vegetables on one of the endcaps (not as cheap as GE this week but much better than the GE regular price) and they had so many that you could easily stock-up on 20 or more without feeling like you “cleared the shelf!”.

Good Cents Accepts Cash, EBT, Debit & Credit Cards (No checks).  They are open 7am – 11pm and it looks like their ads will go from Thursday thru Wednesday. You can check out all the details and see their weekly ad over on the Good Cents Grocery + More Website.  You do not earn fuelperks by shopping here.

I hope some of you guys live close enough to give them a try!  I sure hope they open up more stores…..I would love to see one in Robinson or Imperial!

Their meat section looked really good!  I am picky about where I get my meat and how it looks but in my opinion, their meat looked great!  I would definitely try it!

My Hubby’s Favorite part was the cheese section…..he even loved the way it smelled – lol 🙂  My family eats a lot of cheese so we go thru it quickly!


  1. Thanks for the inside scoop on the new store. Unfortunetly it is not close to me. I am in Cranberry/Mars area and it is impossible in this area to find reasonable priced fruit and veggies. Aldi’s is the closest place in Wexford, but to drive there for fruit, I wouldn’t bother. I hope we eventually get somnething like this in my area.

  2. Thanks for the information. Will be passing Good Cents on way to work so will have to check it out. Was a bit confused when heard on the radio the other day that a Good Cents opened up on McKnight Rd because when Bottom Dollar opened in that same shopping center, thought there were signs all over that a Valu King (also owned by Giant Eagle?) was opening in that spot. Don’t know the real difference between Good Cents and Valu King–but cheap produce is good whatever the name of the store! Thanks Tammy for keeping all informed and all the money-saving deals you find!

    • I don’t know if they will keep the Valu King stores that are already open as “value king” or change them to Good Cents. How they explained it was when they started Value King, it was mostly their store brand products but now that they carry so much more the name didn’t really match with what the store had to offer so they made the new name. I’ve never been to a Valu King so I can’t really compare the two. I wish I lived closer to this store – I know I would be there weekly:) My hubby works close to there so I’m hoping traffic doesn’t make it a pain to get to so he will stop in after work once a week to grab some deals!

  3. I absolutely LOVE this new store. I think the North Hills could be witnessing the next explosive growth concept in grocery. Check it out. It has everything I would want while being cheap, neat, and clean. A+!

  4. I stopped at the new store on my way home from pittsburgh. They had some good deals. I wish a store like that would open in my area!

  5. I had no idea you were in Pennsylvania Tammy! I am relatively new to your site – and now I know why I love it so much! I must be able to here the PA accent in your work. I am an hour north of Pittsburgh, hoping to see some Good Cents stores in our area. We do have an Aldi in our town which is great – Giant Eagle is 15 min. away but worth the trip with double coupons. Thanks for the great site and all your extra work!

    • Thank you Amy and welcome to my site! I’m glad you found it:) I would love to have a Giant Eagle that was 15 minutes away….I drive at least 35 minutes:( I have a Kroger about 10 minutes away and I do shop there, but I love Giant Eagle and go at least once a week:)


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