Giant Eagle Update on Taking Manufacturer Coupons!

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Giant Eagle coupon policy
Giant Eagle accepts manufacturer coupons with other stores name on the coupon.

*Update:  Giant Eagle also answered Rose’s question about this same issue on their Facebook page.  Here is the Direct Link to that post!

There have many many questions lately as to whether or not we can use a manufacturer coupon at Giant Eagle that state “available at Walmart”, “redeemable at Walmart”, etc.  (I’m just using Walmart as an example since it seems to be a common one.).  Stores have been telling couponers that these are competitor coupons and that they no longer accept competitor coupons (The coupon policy changed on January 21st, 2014).  These are NOT store coupons nor competitor coupons, they ARE manufacturer coupons that simply have an advertisement on it for another store.  Walmart (or whatever store is advertised) would LOVE for you to use the coupon at their store, but you can use it ANYWHERE that manufacturer coupons are accepted, including Giant Eagle 🙂

I personally messaged Giant Eagle to see how they felt about this and to see if they were aware of this problem. I truly felt that these coupons SHOULD be accepted.  I was happy to hear back from them and see that they agree that ALL Giant Eagle stores should be taking these manufacturer coupons even with a suggested retailer written on it!

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manufacturer coupons at Giant Eagle

If your cashier or store still refuses to accept these coupons, please call customer service (1-800-553-2324) and let them know so that they can follow up with the store about this issue.  You may want to “share” this post to your Facebook wall so you can quickly pull it up while at the store and show the cashier what corporate had to say 🙂


  1. Thanks Tammy! I figured I would have had a problem with my GE b/c when GE use to accept competitor coupons..those are the types of coupons my GE considered competitors coupons. Crazy! As least it’s clarified now!!

  2. I just called the 1-800 number to let them know I had issues checking out with a ‘redeemable at’ coupon and got the same speech that I got at the store…. this is not acceptable, only at walmart. UGHHH. Any other suggestions? BTW was Gibsonia a privately owned store. Don’t know if that makes a difference or not.
    Thanks for all your weekly hard work. I truly appreciate it, saves me a bundle! Just wish Giant Eagle would clarify this to all employees and stores!

    • Hi Amanda! If it’s not a corporate store, technically they could make up their own rules, however, I think they are supposed to try and follow the corporate policies as much as possible. Hopefully their response to me and to Rose on Facebook (link will be in post above) will help stores realize that these coupons should be accepted.

      Thanks for your nice words – you are very welcome 🙂

  3. I also just received feedback from Giant Eagle on their Facebook page. I just tried to bump it up on their facebook page so others who it affects could also make a copy to carry. Ahh,..think I made a mess of the ‘bump’—but the intact question/response is still down on March 4 on their facebook page. Yipee!

  4. Hi: I have never had a problem using these types of coupons at Giant Eagle in Avon Lake. I do know that Marc’s will NOT take them if Walmart’s name is on coupon. I hope that has changed in the last week or so but I think they are thinking the wrong thing when the Walmart name is on there.

  5. My understanding is also that store-specific coupons have only one bar code rather than two, in case that may help anyone. It’s frustrating having difficulty using coupons at the store! This happens often, unfortunately. Thank you for advocating!


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