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I know many of you guys have asked about how I get the prices for all the Giant Eagle Deals.  I’ve replied to those who have asked but I’m guessing others would like to know as well!

I would like to thank Julie who took the time to let me know about this 🙂

The Amazing Giant Eagle that I shop at is the Market District in Robinson Twp.  It is seriously a great store…..and REALLY Big!  Anyway,  they offer curbside express which allows you to shop online for your groceries and then simply pick them up right outside of the store – you can even use coupons:)

The charge is $4.95 for this so most Couponers would not want to do this, however, I’m sure there are times where many would gladly pay $4.95 to have their groceries bagged and in the car without stepping foot into the store 😉

I know that people actually use this service because I see the workers rounding up the items every time I am there!

Anyway……let me get to the point 😉

Giant Eagle lists the prices for MOST items on the online shopping page which means you can go online and check out the prices!

When new coupons  come out, I look up the products to see what kinds of deals we can score 🙂  I LOVE this feature since it saves not only me time as a blogger but can also save you time! If there is an item you want to buy but isn’t listed in my weekly Giant Eagle deals, simply check out the price before shopping so you’ll know if you want to have your coupons ready to grab it this week or if you’ll want to wait for a sale!

Once you type in the name of the product, you can sort it by brand, price or unit price!  You can also show “specials” only.  If you see a sale, hop over to the Coupon Database to see if there is a coupon available for the product!

Go HERE to check out the Giant Eagle Online Prices!  Most stores have similar prices so although you may not find the exact price that your store has, it should be really close.


    • Can you try it again and see if it works for you? I’m pulling it up fine so I’m not sure what’s happening…Thanks 🙂

  1. That worked. Thank you. Funny thing is I tried to truncate the address and it didn’t work for me that way. But this did.

  2. The unadvertised deals are never the same here in Belle Vernon. 🙁 I wish we could look up prices at ours.


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