Giant Eagle eAdvantage now available at ALL Giant Eagle Stores!


Giant Eagle eAdvantage program

Giant Eagle eAdvantage

The Giant Eagle eAdvanatage will be available at ALL Giant Eagle stores starting 1/22/15! The eAdvantage was first released in the Columbus area but starting Thursday all Giant Eagle shoppers will now be able to get the weekly FREEBIE (or Cheapie)!!  Giant Eagle King Size White Bread, 20oz is the first FREEBIE that everyone can get!  Limit 1 per advantage card!

Head over to the Giant Eagle website and click on “Join Today!”  You can check out their eAdvantage FAQ page here (it currently states “Columbus” but anyone can sign-up! If you haven’t heard of the eAdvantage yet, basically it’s a high-value eOffer that changes weekly!

Thanks to Shannon for the picture below and for asking Giant Eagle about the eAdvantage on their Facebook page!

Giant Eagle eAdvantage



  1. With Giant Eagle giving us this new bonus deal, I hope they won’t be taking something away (double coupons)?

  2. Jane–I can answer that too. As of now, no, they are not taking away double coupons. Someone directly asked this week on the GE facebook page and GE responded that no, at this time, they have no plans to do away with double coupons 🙂

  3. That’s nice of GE extending that promo to all of their stores. They really want to keep our business. I agree, Shannon. Unless GE etches it in stone, it’s business as usual here! 🙂


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