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Giant Eagle Couponers Group

Announcement about the Giant Eagle Couponers Group on Facebook (Jump to the bottom of the post to see the current group rules and links to deals) 

As many of you guys have heard, Facebook has been putting me in “Facebook Jail” where I am unable to comment on or like posts on Facebook.

I thought this might be due to the fact that I was using a 3rd party app to schedule all of my Facebook posts (and was posting very often) so I stopped using the app and stopped posting as often and I eventually got out of Facebook Jail.

However, ALL of my posts that contained links (which is like 99% of them) have now been marked as spam and are no longer on Facebook.

This is extremely frustrating and I cannot rely on Facbook any longer to get the Giant Eagle deals to you…and it’s upsetting 😭 because I love the community we have in the Giant Eagle Couponers group…I “know” you guys (and many of you guys have been in the group with me for years❤️).

As long as you guys still want Giant Eagle deals, they will be here on the blog (very first post at the top of the home page). You can also comment here on LadySavings and I will get your comments approved!

I can also start visiting and posting links to the Giant Eagle deals (and answering questions) over in the Hot Coupon World “Giant Eagle” forum if it makes it easier to discuss the deals.

You can also join our Daily Email Newsletter  to keep up with all of the deals!

As for the group…

I may have to change the settings so that posts will need approval before posting in the group (I will have to spend my time elsewhere and not be able to admin the group as much).

I could end up archiving the group in the future and I want you guys to know where to find me!  I hope many of my “Giant Eagle Couponers Friends” join me over here on Lady Savings  and on Hot Coupon World!

For tonight, I’m just going to sleep on it. I’m very upset and frustrated right now. I’ll make my decision in the morning.  I’ve talked to Facebook and it seems like this is happening to many right now (they said it could take longer than usual to resolve).

Giant Eagle Couponers Facebook Group Rules:

(This was originally the “pinned” post in the group)

★★★Roundup of all current Giant Eagle post

★★★COUPON DATABASE – find coupons!

This group is run by The deal breakdowns can be found on the blog.

Couponing 101

(safe printable sites, how to read a matchup, rebate apps, and more!)

Catalinas and contact info

Insert Schedule

Sunday Coupon Preview


No ISO/Buying/Selling/Trading/Giving Coupons in this group  (No mentioning/talking about it either) The Forum has a Coupon Trading area!

No asking where to order coupons from

No referral/affiliate links/self promotion

No mentions/links to other blogs, websites, coupon classes, or groups (this site is affiliated with

No GoFundMe Links and no asking for donations.

No Blocking Admins

No “where are you from” & “looking for a coupon buddy” posts.*

Since this is a Giant Eagle Couponers group, we like to keep most posts about Giant Eagle. If another store has a better deal, feel free to post that deal under the GE deal 

Regular couponing questions, etc. ARE fine!

This is a Drama-FREE group:)

If you have a post or comment that is deleted and you want to know why, please message an admin to discuss it in private. Do not post “Why was my comment removed” on the wall. Most of the time the answer can be found in the rules.

Simple questions like “where is X coupon?” will often be deleted after answered to clean up the wall.

This is an ethical coupon group. Do not ask “will this coupon work” when you know it’s the wrong coupon. Do not post “glitches” or items that are ringing up wrong in order to give others the “heads up” to go get them.

Do not PM other member that you only know from the group. Members do not want to be spammed.

Other Popular Posts in the group:

Tips on how to get insert coupons!

Companies to email in hopes of coupons!

How to organize coupons! – See how other members organize!!



  1. Thats a bummer! Rest assure many of us follow lady savings anyway. I havent been couponing as much but when I do, I always check LS site first for deals. Try not to fret. Your supporters will follow whatever you choose!

  2. i will continue following your posts on here. you and Mr. Lady /savings do a great job and work very hard putting the deals together

  3. I will continue to follow you here. As an admin of a local group, I know how frustrating it is to have to approve posts for the facebook site. Thank you for doing a great job and I have put this site as a favorite.

  4. Been following you for years – will continue whatever forum you choose. Thanks for ALL that you do!!!


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